Coach: Mike DuBose
21-15, 3 years
1999 Record: 10-3
Sep 04 @Vanderbilt Won 28-17
Sep 11 Houston Won 37-10
Sep 18 Louisiana Tech Lost 28-29
Sep 25 Arkansas Won 35-28
Oct 02 @Florida Won 40-39
Oct 16 @Mississippi Won 30-24
Oct 23 Tennessee Lost 7-21
Oct 30 Southern Miss Won 35-14
Nov 06 Louisiana State Won 23-17
Nov 13 Mississippi State Won 19-7
Nov 20 @Auburn Won 28-17
Dec 04 Florida (SEC) Won 34-7
Orange Bowl
Jan 01 Michigan Lost 34-35
1999 Final Rankings
AP-8,   BCS-4,   Coaches-8
2000 Outlook

This team is young. Many Bama fans feel the future is 2001, in particular with the success DuBose has had in recruiting. Don't look for The Tide to use that as an excuse as they make their way back to the SEC Championship Game. Some incoming help in the form of freshman will only add to the mix. The dual quarterback system should make some headway after the spring and could go along way to spelling 2000 victories. It will all start on the line of scrimmage though as the key will be developing some cohesiveness, depth, and leadership there. If that happens and major injuries are avoided look for The Crimson Tide to better last years mark. Projected finish: 11-2.

Alabama 2000 Schedule

QB - 4 DL - 4.5
RB - 3.5 LB - 4
WR - 3.5 DB - 4
OL - 3.5  


Strengths: A dual QB situation may have developed in Tuscaloosa and both Zow and Watts are solid and capable of beating anyone. Zow seems to be pulling away. Good targets await them. Freddie Milons has potential to be an All-American and McAddley and Carter bring some good experience. There is good depth at running back and FB Dustin McClintock can power the ball. Strength Coach Terry Jones, Sr. will watch his son Terry Jr. amaze NFL scouts with his size and agility. The offensive line has potential. Will Cuthbert can play almost any position and Hogan and backup Ephraim make the Tide very strong up the middle.
Weaknesses: Question marks remain on offense especially on the line. The talent is there but coaches feel the line must develope some cohesiveness and depth. In the spring look for Bama to work on running the ball between the tackles better. Most important in 1999 was Alabama's inability to throw the ball deep while loosening up defensive opponents while receivers must also learn to run better intermediate routes. The Tide must also find a kicker to erase the memory of missed extra points with senior and captain Ryan Pflugner leaving. The loss of running back Shaun Alexander speaks for itself.
QB Andrew Zow 6-2 221 Jr. Tyler Watts 6-3 220 So.
TB Shaun Bohanon 6-2 217 Sr. Ahmaad Gallaway 6-1 212 So.
FB Dustin McClintock 6-2 270 Sr.   Gresham Oliver 5-9 205 Fr.
WR Freddie Milons 5-11 187 Jr.   Antonio Carter 5-10 180 So.
WR Jason McAddley 6-2 181 Jr.   Sam Collins 6-1 181 Jr.
T Dante Ellington 6-5 300 So.   Bart Raulston 6-9 341 So.
G Will Cuthbert 6-5 324 Sr.   Dennis Alexander 6-5 315 So.
C Paul Hogan 6-4 275 Jr.   Alonzo Ephraim 6-3 280 So.
G Griff Redmill 6-6 301 Sr.   Marico Portis 6-2 301 So.
T Lannis Baxley 6-7 290 So.   Randall Shoultz 6-5 330 So.
TE Terry Jones, Jr. 6-3 264 Jr.   Shawn Draper 6-4 295 Sr.
K Chris Kemp 5-9 171 Sr.   Lane Bearden 6-0 180 So.
Returning starters in bold.

Key Losses: Shaun Alexander-RB, Tim Bowens-WR, Shamari Buchanan-WR, Jason McDonald-OL, Patrick Morgan-P, Chris Samuels-OL, Ryan Pflugner-K

Strengths: Overall the defense is loaded with talent and depth. By the end of last season Kenny King evolved into one of the best pass rushers in the SEC and lead all lineman in tackles. Teamed with fellow ball stopper Kindal Moorehead the two recorded nearly 30 tackles for loss. Kenny Smith is the total package at 6-5 and pushing 290 lbs. Not an enjoyable man to block. At linebacker Saleem Rasheed was the teams leading tackler and big expectations on campus are expected for him in 2000. A major key will be whether LB Marvin Constant can recover in time from knee surgery. If so the Tide will form a serious threat for opposing running backs. Gilbert and Ellis will give some needed depth and Leslie Williams will most likely see more action from a defensive end spot. All of the starting DB's return. Lewis and Miles picked off opponents ten times during last season. With SS Marcus Spencer coming up to make tackles this should be one of Bama's strongest segments.
Weaknesses: The DL must replace Griffin and Grimes, which is no easy task, so depth is a concern. Again, the defense is loaded with talent and depth but youth abounds everywhere. Some leaders and maturity must come fast. Coaches have stressed more pressure from the D-line for next year and the secondary, even though returning most, needs to improve. As is with most teams, the defensive backs must learn to turn that head around when the ball is in the air. Two of the top three tacklers from '99 were from the backfield in Tony Dixon and Marcus Spencer which usually is not a good sign.
DE Kindal Moorehead 6-3 296 Jr. Shaun Williams 6-5 266 Jr.
DT Jarrett Johnson 6-4 268 So. Kelvis White 6-4 291 Sr.
DT Kenny Smith 6-5 275 So.   Todd Whitmore 6-6 295 Sr.
DE Kenny King 6-5 275 So.   Derek Sanders 6-4 277 So.
OLB Chris Horne 6-1 221 Sr.   Leslie Williams 6-5 225 So.
MLB Marvin Constant 6-1 250 So.   Victor Ellis 6-1 231 Jr.
OLB Saleem Rasheed 6-2 217 So.   Darius Gilbert 6-2 238 Jr.
CB Gerald Dixon 5-11 185 So.   Hirchel Bolden 5-10 190 So.
CB Milo Lewis 6-0 175 Sr.   Shontua Ray 5-10 208 Jr.
SS Tony Dixon 6-1 208 Sr.   Marcus Spencer 6-1 200 Sr.
FS Reggie Myles 5-11 182 Jr.   Jason Jones 5-11 183 Sr.
P Lane Bearden 6-1 185 So.   Jason Kellen 6-4 219 Sr.
Returning starters in bold.

Key Losses: Jamie Carter-DT, Cornelius Griffin-DT, Reggie Grimes-DE, Canary Knight-DE, Miguel Merritt-LB