2015 College Football
Top 25 Preview

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2. Oregon
3. Florida State
4. Ohio State
5. Alabama
6. Baylor
7. Ole Miss
8. Michigan State
10. Southern California
11. Louisiana State
12. Boise State
13. Utah
14. Mississippi State
15. Arizona State
16. Notre Dame
17. Georgia
18. Missouri
19. Arkansas
20. Arizona
21. Wisconsin
22. Georgia Tech
23. Auburn
24. Florida
25. Tennessee

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Early Bird Preview?


Brigham Young
Kansas State
Miami FL
North Carolina
Oklahoma State
Penn State
South Carolina
Texas A&M
Virginia Tech
Western Michigan
West Virginia



Is NationalChamps.net too early? Not quite.
The Early Bird Preview has predicted almost the same Top 10 the official AP Poll puts out eight months later in August. The selection process is not that difficult if you know what pollsters look for. We give you most of that information now.


DO NOT MISS THE POINT: NationalChamps.net is proud to once again present the annual Early Bird College Football Breakdown (14th season). For those of you concerned with the rankings and the fact this #16 team is better than that #9 team, then YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT! Our presentation was created as nothing more than a rough guide for listing whether key players return or depart as evident in our depth chart formatting. So many of the selections are evidently interchangeable and will adjust continuously until next season arrives.

So sit back, unbutton those tight pants from your holiday dinners and leftovers, and take this preview for what it's worth. We think you will gain much more by realizing that the rankings and their explicit accuracy are not the primary goal. This is not about predicting where these teams will finish by season's end, a flaw in logic many assume - it is about where each deserves to be ranked as the season starts.

However, in the 14th season of compiling this Early Bird Preview, NationalChamps.net has eerily predicted a very close result to what the official preseason polls will show come August. Returning starters and key losses are not hard to figure out. Unpredictable at this point, though, is just how early NFL departures and bowl game results tend to change these rankings more than any other aspect. We rank what we know and take the rest in stride.



Please check back this spring when NationalChamps.net releases our entire 2015 College Football Preview... complete with full depth charts, analysis from our writing staff, rankings, unit power ratings and lots of new digital photos.