HEAD COACH: Bobby Bowden
Travis Minor-TB, Jeff Chaney-TB, Chris Weinke-QB, Marcus Outzen-QB, Nick Franklin-TE, Ryan Sprague-TE, Justin Amman-OG, Jared Moon-C, Tarlos Thomas-OT, Char-ron Dorsey-OT, Donald Heaven-OT, Marvin Minnis-WR
DEFENSIVE KEY LOSSES: David Warren-DE, Roland Seymour-DE, Jamal Reynolds-DE, Tommy Polley-LB, Brian Allen-LB, Jean Jeune-LB, Clevan Thomas-CB, Derrick Gibson-SS, Tay Cody-CB, Keith Cottrell-P, Devaughn Darling-LB

This will be the year the dynasty of 14 straight Top 4 finishes is in jeopardy. The list of seniors departing is looooong starting with both quarterbacks Weinke and Outzen. The Noles go from a 28 year old leading the offense to a 19 year old first timer in Chris Rix. Challenging him for QB duties was supposed to be third year man Jared Jones. But he has now been dismissed from the team leaving Coach Bowden with only one option at this point...Rix. At least until 1998 Mr. Florida Football, Anquan Boldin, switched from wide receiver back to a position he exploded on in high school. Fans are hoping Anquan's running ability can give the offense that two-dimensional approach. But it looks like it is Rix's job to lose. It will be very important that the incoming high school QB's get ready to go, which if talented enough could send Boldin back to wide receiver as he is way too valuable to ride the bench. The two top tailbacks are gone as are four of the top offensive linemen. The defense will be decimated even worse. Splitting town will be the trio of defensive ends Warren, Reynolds, and Seymour; two linebackers in Polley and Brian Allen; and three of the starting defensive backs. All of them moving on to the April draft. In most programs that would not warrant a Top 10 ranking. But this is FSU with its A and B units instead of 1st and 2nd string. The cupboard is far from bare. Strength will come at wide receiver where at least five experienced players will take the field. The defense is full of young but unproved talent. Seminole fans take it easy, it should be a fun season for finding out that this team will continue the dynasty the following two years.

Returning Starters in Bold
QB Chris Rix-Fr Anquan Boldin-Jr
FB William McCray-Sr Randy Golightly-So
TB Nick Maddux-Jr Greg Jones-So
WR Javon Walker-Sr Talman Gardner-Jr
WR Robert Morgan-Sr Atrews Bell-Sr
TE Carver Donaldson-Sr Patrick Hughes-Sr
OT Brett Williams-Jr Alex Barron-Fr
OG Milford Brown-Jr Ronald Boldin-Sr
C Antoine Mirambeau-Jr David Castillo-Fr
OG Otis Duhart-Sr Montrae Holland-Jr
OT Todd Williams-Jr Ray Willis-Fr
K Brett Cimorelli-So Xavier Beitia-Fr
DE Alonzo Jackson-Jr O.J. Jackson-Jr
NG Jeff Womble-So Tony Benford-Jr
DT Darnell Dockett-So Travis Johnson-Fr
DE Kevin Emanuel-So Charles Howard-So
WLB Kendyll Pope-So Allen Augustin-Jr
MLB Bradley Jennings-Sr Jerel Hudson-Jr
SLB Michael Boulware-So Ray Piquion-Fr
CB Bryant McFadden-Fr Malcolm Tatum-Jr
CB Stanford Samuels-So Rufus Brown-So
SS Abdual Howard-Sr Claudius Osei-Fr
FS Chris Hope-Sr Yohance Buchanan-So
P Chance Gwaltney-Jr ..
  HEAD COACH: Phillip Fulmer
: Travis Henry-TB, Cedrick Wilson-WR, David Martin-WR, Toby Champion-OL, A.J. Suggs-QB, Michael Munoz-OT (injured-out for season)

DEFENSIVE KEY LOSSES: Eric Westmoreland-SLB, Anthony Sessions-WLB, DeAngelo Lloyd-DE, David Leaverton-P

If anyone thinks the Volunteers are going down hill, they better keep chasing after their knowledge. With recruiting classes churning in top results each spring, the Tennessee team for 2001 will be back just like old times. The three man QB rotation finally settled in with Casey Clausen at the end of the year, and now A.J. Suggs has transfered. Clausen really matured late in the season and it is his job to lose. There is lots of prime time talent running around the field. The Vols strength will be in the trenches as seven starters return up front on the defense and offense out of 10 positions, as the DL is loaded with seniors. Although, stinging a bit is the fact that goliath offensive tackle Michael Munoz has been lost for the season due to knee surgery. The main concern will be at receiver and tailback on offense. TB Travis Stephens has gotten some experience but will have a tough time filling in for the departed leading rusher, Travis Henry. Donte Stallworth and Eric Parker do bring some skill to the wide out position. The defense welcomes back practically everyone except at the linebacker spots, which will be the main concern in the spring. That was until Dominique Stevenson decided to return for a fifth year. That one had to put a big smile on the coaches faces. Up front, 2000 Outland Trophy winner, John Henderson, is hands down the best defensive linemen in the country. So good that he makes the NationalChamps.net's only defensive Heisman Candidate. The Vols had a great closure to last year's regular season, but the beating in the Cotton Bowl still has to hurt a little. The Vols are going to be much, much improved in 2001. Coach Phillip Fulmer is back in the hunt, the SEC hunt that is. Anyone have that early season Gator game circled again?

Returning Starters in Bold
QB Casey Clausen-So Joey Mathews-Jr
FB Will Bartholomew-Sr Troy Fleming-So
TB Travis Stephens-Sr Jabari Davis-Fr
WR Eric Parker-Sr Leonard Scott-Jr
WR Donte Stallworth-Jr Kelley Washington-Fr
TE John Finlayson-Sr Jason Witten-So
OT Anthony Herrera-Jr Sean Young-Fr
OG Fred Weary-Sr Terriea Smalls-So
C Scott Wells-So Jason Respert-So
OG Will Ofenheusle-Jr ..
OT Reggie Coleman-Sr Victor McClure-Fr
K Alex Walls-Jr ..
DE Bernard Jackson-Sr Omari Hand-Jr
DT John Henderson-Sr Rashad Moore-Jr
DT Edward Kendrick-Jr Albert Haynesworth-Jr
DE Will Overstreet-Sr Constantin Ritzmann-Jr
SLB Eddie Moore-Jr Andre James-Sr
MLB Dominique Stevenson-Sr Robert Peace-So
WLB Kevin Burnett-So Tony Campbell-So
CB Andre Lott-Sr Willie Miles-Sr
CB Teddy Gaines-Sr Jabari Greer-So
SS Steven Marsh-Jr Mark Jones-So
FS Rashad Baker-So Tad Golden-Sr
P Dustin Colquitt-Fr Seth Reagan-Jr
  HEAD COACH: Frank Beamer
: Michael Vick-QB, Cullen Hawkins-FB, Andre Kendrick-TB, Anthony Lambo-OT, Matt Lehr-OG, Joe Marchant-OG, Josh Redding-OG, Dave Kadela-OT
DEFENSIVE KEY LOSSES: Phillip Summers-OLB, Nick Sorensen-OLB, Cory Bird-ROV

In Blacksburg the pros outweighed the cons. At least when talking about the future of Michael Vick turning pro. Even without Vick, this team returns the jest of its starting nucleus. The Hokies may not be Top 5 without Vick, but they still remain a solid Top 10 foe. With Vick gone, Coach Beamer will now turn to junior Grant Noel who needs to get some serious experience to compete on a consistent basis. This could be a key seeing that the Hokie's weak spot in 2001 will be the offensive line as some big senior names that helped lead VT into the 1999 Sugar Bowl have finally departed. Tight end Browning Wynn and center Steve DeMasi are the only returning starters. The skill positions on offense are another story and may be the best in the land. Receivers Andre Davis and Emmett Johnson should be familiar and unappetizing names to opposing coaches. Not only does Beamer Ball place emphasis on blocking punts, it also has Davis returning them for touchdowns. Lee Suggs and his blazing speed return at tailback with Jarrett Ferguson leading the way at fullback.

A defense that was decimated from 1999 welcomes back nine starters into the 2001 season. Beamer coached teams have always seemed to excel on defense regardless of personnel, so throw in a solid group and you have the makings of a top notched defense. All four down lineman are back. The linebackers are also very impressive. Ben Taylor finished as the team's leading tackler amassing 103 of them. The only key loss will be rover back Cory Bird. But there is plenty of experience aside from him. The non-conference opponents are as weak as it gets, which includes Western Michigan, Central Florida, Connecticut, and Virginia. The schedule is a double edged sword. An undefeated season is a slight possibility to Pasadena with it, but one loss leaves no room for complaining about being looked over by the BCS again.

Returning Starters in Bold
QB Grant Noel-Jr Jason Davis-Fr
FB Jarrett Ferguson-Sr Wayne Briggs-Sr
TB Lee Suggs-Jr Keith Burnell-Jr
SE Emmett Johnson-Sr Shawn Witten-Jr
FL Andre Davis-Sr Ernest Wilford-So
TE Browning Wynn-Sr Bob Slowikowski-Sr
OT Anthony Davis-Jr Thenus Franklin-Jr
OG Jacob Gibson-So Anthony Nelson-So
C Steve DeMasi-Sr Jake Grove-So
OG Jake Grove-So Charles Hattan-Fr
OT Matt Wincek-Sr Jon Dunn-Fr
K Carter Warley-So Jon Mollerup-Jr
DE Lamar Cobb-Jr Cols Colas-So
DT Chad Beasley-Sr Kevin Lewis-So
DT David Pugh-Sr Channing Reed-Sr
DE Nathaniel Adibi-So Jim Davis-So
WH T.J. Jackson-Sr Deon Provitt-Jr
MLB Jake Houseright-Sr Brian Welch-Sr
SLB Ben Taylor-Sr Vegas Robinson-So
CB Ronyell Whitaker-Jr Garnell Wilds-So
CB Larry Austin-Sr Eric Green-So
ROV Kevin McAdam-Jr Chris Krebs-Sr
FS Willie Pile-Jr Billy Hardee-Jr
P Robert Peaslee-So ..
  HEAD COACH: Mike Bellotti
Marshaun Tucker-SE, Lee Gundy-OT, Jeff Austin-C, Josh Frankel-K
DEFENSIVE KEY LOSSES: Jason Nikolao-DT, Jed Boice-DT, James Rose-DT, Saul Patu-DE, Matt Smith-MLB, Michael Callier-ILB, Garrett Sabol-OLB, Jermaine Hanspard-CB, Brian Johnson-CB, Ryan Mitchell-SS, Kurtis Doerr-P

Perhaps the most important element of Oregon's program is Autzen Stadium, where the Ducks have won 20 consecutive games. Good news: Washington is off the schedule next year and The Civil War versus Oregon State comes into the backyard of Eugene. There is no question the team is going to revolve around senior QB, Joey Harrington, who led the Pac Ten in passing last season averaging 244 yards per game. The Duck running game will fall on the shoulders of senior Maurice Morris, who gathered 66% of the total handoffs in 2000 and finished second in the conference for rushing. The front line returns the nucleus of the unit and should help mold a terrific offensive game plan for the Quack Attack in 2001. The defense isn't so lucky. With only four starters returning, coaches will have their hands full finding some new faces to step in. However, Oregon led the Pac Ten in pass defense last year, and cornerbacks Rashad Bauman and Steve Smith will most likely be the best 1-2 combination out west. The biggest need for replacements will be at all three linebacker positions and depth on the interior of the defensive line. Locating a kicker and a punter may prove to be crucial with all of the tight games Oregon has found themselves in the last few years. The Ducks in last preseason were considered by most to finish 2000 around the middle of the conference pack, and it wasn't so. This fall, look for Coach Mike Bellotti to make another serious run at first place, this time as one of the favorites. If the defense starts gettin' at it, don't be shocked if this team makes it to the Rose Bowl for the BCS Championship Game. And that's no joke!

Returning Starters in Bold
QB Joey Harrington-Sr Jason Fife-So
FB Josh Line-Sr Josh Rogers-So
TB Maurice Morris-Sr Allan Amundson-Jr
WR Jason Willis-Jr Samie Parker-So
WR Keenan Howry-Jr Cy Aleman-Jr
TE Justin Peelle-Sr George Wrighster-So
OT Mike Belisle-Jr Corey Chambers-Jr
OG Jim Adams-Sr Josh Jones-Jr
C Ryan Schmid-Sr Dan Weaver-So
OG Joey Forster-So Robin Knebel-Fr
OT Phil Finzer-Jr Adam Snyder-Fr
K Jared Siegel-Fr Navid Niakan-Jr
DE Seth McEwen-Jr Kevin Mack-Fr
DT Zack Freiter-Sr Chris Tetterton-Sr
DT Igor Olshansky-Fr Kai Smalley-Jr
DE Ed Wangler-Jr Quinn Dorsey-Jr
ILB Kevin Mitchell-So John Harris-Jr
MLB David Moretti-Jr Garret Graham-Jr
OLB Wesly Mallard-Sr David Martin-Jr
CB Rashad Bauman-Sr Jason Jenkins-Jr
CB Steve Smith-Sr A.K. Keyes-So
ROV Gary McGraw-Sr Stephen Clayton-Fr
FS Rasuli Webster-Jr Keith Lewis-So
P Jose Arroyo-Jr Gary Daniels-So

Jermale Kelly-WR, Thomas Hill-TE, Scott Browne-C, Reid Bethea-K
DEFENSIVE KEY LOSSES: Cecil Caldwell-DT, Cleveland Pinkney-NT,
Andre Offing-ILB, Pat Fleming-LB


What an unbelievable job by Coach Lou Holtz in Columbia. To go from an 0-11 team to a #19 ranking to a 2001 Top Ten consideration within the span of 20 months is as good a coaching job as has ever been accomplished. It's not just the Holtz factor, there are some serious playmakers returning for 2001 including some great new JC transfers on the defensive line and at wide receiver. When you talk about 16 starters coming back from a team that in reality had been dominating the SEC the first half of the season, you are bound to get noticed. Senior QB Phil Petty will be the triggerman in a much more wide open offensive look. Even with the loss of leading receiver Jermale Kelly, he has some great receivers to throw to in senior Brian Scott, Ryan Brewer, and Carlos Spikes. There is also great talent at tailback in Derek Watson, a third year starter. The biggest question mark will be the two inside men on the defensive front, but Langston Moore has gained some valuable experience and is ready to step in and coaches feel newcomer Shaun Smith looks to contribute immeditately. Mostly all of the defensive backs return. The Gamecock depth chart is chalk full of names that will get plenty of looks for post-season awards. Look for the same gritty team, that held its own in SEC competition and rattled the Buckeyes in the Outback Bowl, to possibly end up making a run at the SEC Championship Game. That will only happen if the Cocks can find a way to beat one of the conference heavy hitters in Florida or Tennessee as both are scheduled back to back towards the end of the season. By then, Coach Holtz should have his team in a super nice position.

Returning Starters in Bold
QB Phil Petty-Sr Dondrial Pinkins-Fr
RB Derek Watson-Jr Andrew Pinnock-Jr
WR Brian Scott-Sr James Adkisson-Sr
WR Carlos Spikes-Sr Chavez Donnings-Jr
SLOT Cory Alexander-Sr Andrea Gause-Fr
SLOT Ryan Brewer-Jr Ricky Ricks-Jr
OT Travelle Wharton-So Watts Sanderson-Jr
OG Cedric Williams-Jr John Strickland-Fr
C Larrel Johnson-Sr C.J. Frye-Jr
OG Shane Hall-Jr Kevin Rivers-Sr
OT Melvin Paige-Sr Jeff Barnes-So
K Daniel Weaver-So Josh Brown-Fr
DE Dennis Quinn-Jr John Stamper-Sr
NG Langston Moore-Jr Willie Sams-Sr
DT Shaun Smith-Jr Jonathon Alston-Fr
LB Kalimba Edwards-Sr Brian Brownlee-Fr
LB Kenny Harney-Sr Jeremiah Garrison-So
LB Shannon Wadley-Sr Jack Johnson-Fr
SPUR Jonathon Martin-Jr Jermaine Lemon-Jr
CB Sheldon Brown-Sr DeAndre Eiland-So
CB Andre Goodman-Sr Kevin House-Sr
SS Willie Offord-Sr Rashad Faison-Jr
FS Antoine Neismith-Sr Jamacia Jackson-Fr
P Tyeler Dean-Jr ..
1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, 41-45, 46-50