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MEDIA SCOPE - Sept. 16
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If the Heisman presentation were this Saturday...

If the Heisman Trophy presentation were this coming weekend, here are the invites:

In alphabetical order:
1) Ken Dorsey – Miami FL
2) Jason Gesser – Washington State
3) Byron Leftwich – Marshall
4) Willis McGahee – Miami FL
5) Charles Rogers – Michigan State

Seneca Wallace dropped off the map after the horrid game against top opponent Oklahoma. Iowa State has one of the toughest remaining schedules in all of football. This means a great chance for Wallace to come back into the fold. His stats should be less than the early season schedule allotted. Nine interceptions do not help his cause. Wallace was a front-runner less than a week ago. In most likelihood, Dorsey and Leftwich are getting invitations. The third QB slot will go out to either Wallace or Gesser.

The decision at this early point is difficult between running backs Willis McGahee and Quentin Griffin of Oklahoma. Both are great receivers, and their overall numbers are very similar. Miami has some interesting and difficult games still left to come, giving McGahee a chance to shine on national television. He currently has a slight advantage, but there is a ton of ball yet to be played. Griffin has been getting the job done for years. When big games are on the horizon, you want Griffin in your corner as was evident in the Red River Shootout versus Texas.

Lee Suggs may be the best running back in the nation. The problem is his partner - and other half of the “untouchables” in Blacksburg - Kevin Jones. If Suggs were a one-man show, he would surely be a top contender. At the same time, Jones give Suggs a great chance to keep his legs fresh, and this offers the team a better durability situation. We get the feeling that Suggs and the rest of the Virginia Tech ensemble have no complaints.

Oregon’s Onterrio Smith is just a junior. Call it an East Coast Bias, but every time Smith gets a chance to shine against stout competition, there seems to be at least four huge games being played at the same time, therefore limiting his exposure. The ASU loss was not even televised. Most of us were kept hanging on to the scores updates on the bottom of the ESPN feed to catch who was winning.

NC State’s Philip Rivers has outlandish numbers. He also suffers from a lack of quality competition. He will get his chance against Florida State and other big boys as the season progresses.

Maurice Clarett of Ohio State is so young. If he can just stay consistent with his first half of the season, he has a shot at getting invited (especially if the Buckeyes can continue their winning ways). Aiding him is the fact that Ohio State gets prime time coverage most Saturdays on either ESPN or ABC.

Here are some changes INSIDE99 would make in college football…

Student/Athletes receive a stipend – That is right. The inevitability of this fact is only outweighed by the problems that exist between the have’s, the have-not’s, and the other Divisions. Schools such as Arkansas State may find problems budgeting payments for every athlete in the school. What’s good for I-A has to be good for I-AA and other smaller schools that work under the scholarship umbrella. The funds would either have to be collected and disbursed by a central governing organization (NCAA) or by the state. Maybe something many of you already know, but there are a ton of low-income men and women struggling in collegiate athletics, many of them with families, that have a reason for seeking out (up to now illegal) compensation. Fix it by giving these kids what they deserve. Not a large sum, but just a little spending money. How fair (and what kind of example) is it really that money is made when they play, yet they see none of it?

Officiating difficulties – Many of these officials need to be retrained and reevaluated every two years. Every individual referee needs to be charted, with numbers and statistics made available to the public. My thought process - 14 penalties for 120 yards for any team is way too excessive. No team should have that many fouls, especially when the following week they only commit 4 penalties for 35 yards. This inconsistency doesn’t follow logical standards. This writer would not oppose rules requiring officials to call out the number of the player that committed the foul (much like the NFL), keeping many of the flag-Generals honest. This point, at minimum, needs to be addressed at the next NCAA Officials meeting.

Celebration Penalty – Can we please see more consistency with these interpretations? Taking off ones helmet, spiking the ball, jumping into the stands, doing the Ickey shuffle, and/or taunting opponents are all legitimate fouls. But let some of these boys enjoy the moment to some degree.

The BCS Strength of Schedule (SOS) – How this measuring stick has remained constant is beyond the scope of understanding for most people (especially those who do not fully understand the BCS). Ask any computer poll (figuratively) or guru what they think of the current system for gauging SOS…you may have to wait a few seconds for the answer until laughter subsides. The formula is currently based strictly on wins and loses. There desperately needs to be a power rating involved based on the ranking of opponents. Every single computer poll in the BCS has its own distinctly separate SOS. And none of their SOS formulas operate like the one we see each Monday in the BCS. What does that tell you?

Lastly – a 4-team playoff…all in due time…let the discussions continue. Next…

TOP 25 - by Ricky Sixx

1. Miami Hurricanes - Idle Hurricanes stay #1…get ready to play three consecutive road games vs. West Virginia, Rutgers, and Tennessee.

2. Oklahoma - Sooners tend to play best in the month of October…this month no different. Impressive wins over Texas and Iowa State have some people thinking Miami has company on top.

3. Virginia Tech - Second game in a row Untouchables looked dynamite… rest of team looks sluggish in other areas. Hokies have no worries with seven weeks until "the game."

4. Georgia - Slowly but surely, Bulldogs improving all-around play. Three impressive SEC wins has Dawgs in college football elite…careful next week - Kentucky awaits (in Lexington).

5. Ohio State - Buckeyes survived stiff road test. Now host good Penn State team (could easily be undefeated if not for 2 OT losses). May have looked better in September, but no argument with these results.

6. Washington State - After bye, Cougars cemented as front runner in Pac-10 race…await show down with Ducks on November 9th. Game at Arizona awaits first.

7. Alabama - Another week, another impressive performance…win over good Ole Miss team sets Tide in top 10. Critical game at Neyland Stadium awaits.

8. Texas - Not pretty but Texas got it done. Couldn’t afford consecutive Big 12 losses. With harder games behind, Horns look to build much needed momentum to end season in impressive fashion. Aim is for at large BCS bid…still well in reach.

9. LSU - Tigers continue roll with great defense, solid special teams, and efficient offense. Even without QB Mauch Tigers steamrolled past South Carolina…tougher part of schedule awaits. Games at Auburn, at Kentucky and home vs. Alabama to determine SEC West champ. If only same Tiger team could get another crack at Hokies (way they're playing now).

10. Notre Dame - Not always dominant, but can’t argue with results. Solid win over good Air Force team…look to climb even higher. If somehow win in Tallahassee, top 5 ranking surely awaits.

11. Florida State - Seminoles await undefeated Irish after much needed bye week. Win here places State back into top 10…perhaps just outside of top 5.

12. Iowa - Indiana did not pose challenge…next week's opponent will. If Iowa can get past Wolverines (in Big House) could find themselves top 10, in drivers seat for possible Big-Ten championship and Rose bowl appearance.

13. Michigan - Wolverines one of uglier ranked teams, but continue to win. Carr's kids play for chance to stay alive in Big Ten title when Hawkeyes come in next week…lose and they're out.

14. Southern Cal - Critical game vs. Ducks awaits. Neither team can afford second PAC 10 loss …important game for top 25 status and possible Rose Bowl birth.

15. Oregon - Ducks need to shake off home loss to Devils (like last year when lost to Stanford). Survive vs. Trojans and can go into late season with confidence.

16. Colorado - With KSU’s loss, Buffaloes now control own destiny in conference. Win over dangerous Tech team and go into Norman with top 15 ranking.

17. Kansas State - After tough conference loss, Wildcats look to rebound vs. Baylor and Kansas. Outside of Iowa State all games look winnable. Ten win season still in reach.

18. Penn State - Nittnay Lions on the road vs. much stronger opponent. Joe's kids now 5-2…game at Ohio State to determine good season from possibly great one. Four winnable games left after Ohio State… PSU have eyes set on first 10+ win season since 1996.

19. Iowa State - Too bad…could be start of worse to come. Have to go on all week with sour taste from woodshed beating…still have Texas, Kansas State, Missouri and Colorado - next four opponents. 'Clones split these and top 25 still warranted.

20. North Carolina State - Wolfpack 8-0 but that's about it. Amato escaped another loss vs. inferior opponent…makes us wonder if capable of going into Florida State showdown without tripping up vs. tougher ACC opponents.

21. Air Force - Falcons dominated up front despite the close score. Still haven't forgotten big wins, but AF not BCS material.

22. Bowling Green - Another day, another win..but not so impressive. BG Falcons escaped Western Michigan in high scoring OT affair. Next is tricky game vs. Ball State.

23. Boston College - Eagles 4-2, losses to #1 and #3. Win over Pitt means Eagles secure in top 25 as await Fighting Irish.

24. Florida – Gators still effective enough to get by quality opponents. Wins over Kentucky, Tennessee and now Auburn have Gators back, but on thin ice.

25. Arizona State - Can Sun Devils be any hotter? Arizona State won 6 of last 7…just came off impressive win over #6 Ducks, perhaps hardest venue in tPac-10. Loss to Huskies could mean short top 25 stay.

Consideration: Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Minnesota, TCU


Editor: Dave Hershorin