Coach: Steve Spurrier
102-22-1, 11 years
122-35-2, overall 14 years
1999 Record: 9-4
Sep 04 Western Michigan Won 55-26
Sep 11 Central Florida Won 58-27
Sep 18 Tennessee Won 23-21
Sep 25 @Kentucky Won 38-10
Oct 02 Alabama Lost 39-40
Oct 09 @Louisiana State Won 31-10
Oct 16 @Auburn Won 32-14
Oct 30 Georgia Won 30-14
Nov 06 Vanderbilt Won 13-6
Nov 13 @South Carolina Won 20-3
Nov 20 Florida State Lost 23-30
Dec 04 Alabama (SEC) Lost 7-34
Jan 01 Michigan State Lost 34-37
1999 Final Rankings
AP-12,   BCS-10,   Coaches-14
2000 Outlook

The good news to most is that Spurrier may not have to go with the alternating quarterback scheme that plagued him the end of last season...but who knows with Brock Berlin coming to town. Canadien QB Jesse Palmer looks well prepared to comprehend Spurrier's complex offensive shemes as everyone knows a key to Florida's success starts at QB. The offense may find a better usage of the fullback and running game with some great ball carriers hoping to get the pigskin and make the Gator passing game even more effective. What may make or break the 2000 team will be the offensive line as any injuries up front would be devastating. Hopes are in Gainesville that some stellar players from a consensus number one recruiting class fill some key holes. It may not matter as the Gator defense may be the best in the country. Depth and talent is everywhere. So much that certain position changes may be in order just to get certain players playing time. Alex Brown's 13 sacks from last season will force opponents to think about avoiding 3rd an long situations. The road will not be easy as the SEC will be it's toughest in recent years, and that is saying something. Projected record: 11-2

Florida 2000 Schedule

QB - 4 DL - 5
RB - 4.5 LB - 4.5
WR - 2.5 DB - 3.5
OL - 2  



Strengths: Could Coach Spurrier consider scrapping the fun-n-gun offense and utilize the runnng game more? Running back should be a strength with number one team rusher Earnest Graham returning and an elusive Bo Carroll getting reps. Although rarely used the Gators have a powerful load of fullbacks in Rod Frazier and Rob Roberts. Alternating quarterbacks may be in the past as Doug Johnson moves on. Jesse Palmer should maintain the starting spot with a major battle for backup spot coming in the spring. 1999 USA Today Player of The Year QB Brock Berlin has already enrolled for spring and the big question is does he redshirt. His counterpart Rex Grossman has a little more experience but spring will tell all. Whether at WR or TE, Kirk Wells will provide some much needed playing time and the tackle slot could possess one of the meanest in the SEC with Kenyatta Walker. Returning kicker Jeff Chandler is one of the best.
Weaknesses: Without a doubt the offensive line will be the major concern heading into 2000. Replacing Carlisle, Kalich, Yarbrough, and Blackshear will be a tough assignment. With the exception of Pearson and Walker consider every position on the depth chart open. Who will step up? Look for incoming freshman to give support with Snell, Colon, and Ian Scott. Also key will be the health of Ben Brown and senior center Zac Zedalis as they recover from injuries. The loss of juniors Jackson and Taylor at wide receiver to the NFL hurts as they were by far the leading receivers in '99. There is some talent for coaches to work with but opinions have alot of position changing occurring. Look for Willis and Caldwell to stay put and lead the pack. The Gator offense finished 10th overall in the SEC in total offense.
QB Jesse Palmer 6-2 227 Sr. Rex Grossman 6-1 207 Fr.
TB Earnest Graham 5-10 218 So. Bo Carroll 5-9 165 Sr.
FB Rod Frazier 5-11 255 Sr.   Rob Roberts 6-2 250 Jr.
WR Alex Willis 6-0 181 Sr.   Taylor Jacobs 6-0 182 Fr.
WR Reche Caldwell 6-0 193 So.   Brian Haugabrook 6-1 205 Jr.
T Mike Pearson 6-7 295 So.   Shannon Snell 6-6 320 Fr.
G Leon Hires 6-5 276 Sr.   Erik Strange 6-4 291 Jr.
C Zac Zedalis 6-3 285 Sr.   David Jorgensen 6-4 281 So.
G Tommy Moody 6-3 302 So.   David Kearley 6-5 283 So.
T Kenyatta Walker 6-5 301 Jr.   Aaron Deal 6-6 311 Fr.
TE Kirk Wells 6-4 216 So.   Aaron Walker 6-6 240 So.
K Jeff Chandler 6-2 206 Sr.          
Returning starters in bold.

Key Losses: Darrell Jackson-WR, Travis Taylor-WR, Doug Johnson-QB, Erron Kinney-TE, Cooper Carlisle-OL, Ryan Kalich-OL, Corey Yarbrough-OL, Cheston Blackshear-OL

Strengths: As the offense has holes to fill the Gator defense will be the best in the SEC. All four returning starters are back on the DL. Defensive end Alex Brown is one of the nations best. Looks like Derrick Chambers may move to defensive tackle opening the door for LaFavor and Bullard to get some action. As good as the DL looks for next season the linebackers may even be better. Andra Davis is the solid middle linebacker and a rotation of Carroll, Ellis, and Hardmon along with Mike Nattiel, who came on strong during the end of last season, will be superb. With all the depth at LB the possibility of all JUCO transfer Kennard Ellis moving to DE exists as he did not come to Florida to sit the bench. Like the DL all four starting defensive backs return with good depth behind them. The whole defense should make for some interesting position battles.
Weaknesses: If there is a weakness, improved play from the defensive backfield would be one. With alot of numbers to work with the coaches should be able to piece together a better cover team and position changes will fluxuate from now till fall. Florida finished 8th in total defense in the conference in 1999 so overall there should be some major improvement. Even with Alex Brown back the defense could use some more pressure on passing situations to take some of the opponents priority off of Brown as sack producer Eugene McCaslin exits.
DE Tron LaFavor 6-2 251 So. Bobby McCray 6-6 240 Fr.
DT Gerard Warren 6-4 300 Jr. Arpedge Rolle 6-1 258 So.
DT Buck Gurley 6-3 280 Sr.   Derrick Chambers 6-4 270 Sr.
DE Alex Brown 6-4 251 Jr.   Thaddeus Bullard 6-4 250 Sr.
WLB Mike Nattiel 5-11 219 So.   Daryl Owens 5-10 225 Sr.
MLB Andra Davis 6-1 244 Jr.   Travis Carroll 6-4 243 Jr.
SLB Marcus Oquendo-Johnson 6-4 210 So.   Kennard Ellis 6-3 235 Jr.
CB Bennie Alexander 5-10 175 Jr.   Lito Sheppard 5-10 184 So.
CB Robert Cromartie 5-8 180 Jr.   Marquis Westbrook 5-9 173 So.
SS Marquand Manuel 6-0 203 Jr.   Todd Johnson 6-1 187 So.
FS Daryl Dixon 5-10 189 So.   Lester Norwood 6-2 190 Jr.
P Alan Rhine 5-11 172 Sr.   David Wasielewski 5-10 227 Jr.
Returning starters in bold.

Key Losses: Anthony Mitchell-DL, Keith Kelsey-LB, Eugene McCaslin-LB