TEAMS STILL NEEDING TO ADD OPPONENTS FOR 2014 has cross-referenced all FBS schedules to illustrate those schools in need of locating another opponent(s). We realize the degree of accuracy with these listings below have room for error. They have been pieced together with reliable sources. Some of the info may go back as many as three years ago and have since changed. Many schools may have already filled the openings or just have not signed the contract and cannot make the deals public. This is a work in progress and will be updated as information comes in. All schedules are obviously subject to change. If anyone has any information regarding the updates and/or adjustments to these schedules please email the SITE OWNER.

updated February 9


Nevada **
Oregon State **
Wyoming **


** NCAA Hawai'i Travel Rule: Can add an optional 13th game if they choose to do so

All of the schedules at have been tediously put together with great care. Information has been obtained from numerous credible sources such as team media guides, game notes, official sites and newspaper articles (past and present). All of the schedules have been cross-referenced in order to obtain the most accurate list of opponents for each school. We do discover a few discrepancies from time to time as newer information becomes available. Please realize that some dates and opponents will change over the course of the spring and summer.