Unidentified helmet designs

While doing research on the teams covered at this website I occasionally encounter photographs showing helmets that I cannot identify, usually ones that have not yet been added to this website. On this page are presented some of these, captioned with the year of the photograph (if known) and the opposing team (if known). Most of these will be photographs found in digitized college yearbooks from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Since the major college histories are fairly well-documented by now, most of these will be smaller colleges.

Often only a single photograph was found showing these unknown designs, so some may not depict 'helmet designs' according to the definition employed by this website (a uniform appearance used by at least half of the team). College football teams were much more casual about having a uniform team appearance decades ago, and one will sometimes see photographs showing different members of a team wearing different-colored helmets in the 1960s, or some helmets with logos and others without, some with stripes and others without, etc. By roughly 1970 all but a few teams seem to have attempted to maintain a uniform appearance.

Many of these can probably be identified simply by examining the opposing team's schedule for clues, though I have not yet attempted to do so for any of these. If you can identify one of them please leave a message at the message board or you may send me an email.