Upper Midwest Athletic Conference

"Polars" "Panthers" "Knights"
St. Bonifacius, MN Greenville, IL New Ulm, MN
"Cougars" "Eagles" "Blue Jays"
Morris, MN St. Paul, MN Fulton, MO

Historical Helmets


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*see note 1 below

This team played its first season of football in 1984, at which time the school name was St. Paul Bible College. The current name Crown College was adopted in 1992. The team nickname was previously "Crusaders" (before 2002) and "Storm" (from 2002 to 2022).

Apparently at least three other helmet designs have been used; below are photographs of two of these gathered from the college's digitized yearbooks. The team's first design had a purple shell with a logo that appears to contain the letters "SPBC" and some stripes which wrap around the back of the helmet. The c.1989 design had the team name "Crusaders" in a script style. Some photographs from 1992 and 1993 appear to show a logo similar to the one used in 2001, and during the mid- to late-1990s the team appears to have used plain purple helmets for several years.

*1 Uniform numbers are worn on the left side only of this design; a "bear" logo adorns the right side (as depicted below).


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*see note 1 below
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In 1998, Greenville used black helmets with a decal identical to that used by the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League, though with orange in place of the teal color that the NFL team uses.

*1 Uniform numerals are worn on the left side only of this design; the right side has a "panther head" logo (as represented below).

*2 In 2019 the panther head logo was worn on the left side only of each helmet; the number 12 was worn on the right side (as represented below) in memory of Greenville College student Allyson Grabowski, who died in a car accident on July 15, 2019. 12 was her uniform number on the college's volleyball team.


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The photograph below shows a helmet design used by Martin Luther during at least parts of the 2002, 2003, and 2004 seasons. I still need a copy of the "ML" helmet logo in order to add this helmet to the web site.


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The first design shown above was apparently in use by at least the year 1999.

*1 This design is "blank" on its left side but has a large "eagle head" logo on the right side (as represented below).


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