South Atlantic Conference

"Tornados" "Eagles" "Indians"
Brevard, NC Jefferson City, TN Salisbury, NC
"Bears" "Lions" "Wolves"
Hickory, NC Mars Hill, NC Newberry, SC
"Pioneers" "Bulldogs"
Greeneville, TN Wingate, NC


Lenoir-Rhyne is using a new helmet design in 2013 (shown above).

Brevard adopted a new helmet design in 2010. The team switched to white helmets with a new logo - the school name in blue letters. I would appreciate a copy of this new helmet logo. Below is a photo of the 2010 design, which apparently remained in use in 2011 and 2012. The 2013 design is similar but a set of stripes (blue/black/blue) has been added.

Historical Helmets


2006 - 2008 2009 2010 - 2012
2013 -

2006 was the first season of football for Brevard.

In 2009 Brevard used blue helmets with a logo consisting of the school name in black letters with white outlines; I would greatly appreciate a copy of the 2009 helmet logo for this team. Below is a photo of the 2009 helmet:


1996 -

I have received little information regarding earlier helmet designs for Carson-Newman, other than some photographs showing a helmet with a "CN" logo on the sides, and some others showing a "flying eagle" logo that looks similar to the one used on the 1971 Iowa helmet. Both of these appear to be on orange helmet shells, but I do not know the years of use for either design.

It has been reported to me that the helmet design used through most of the 1980s through 1995 was similar to the current design, but with the addition of three stripes (white in the middle bordered on either side by navy blue) - a photograph of this one showing the widths of the stripes would be appreciated.


1987 - 1990 c.mid 1990s -

I have received some verbal descriptions of some of Catawba's other earlier helmet designs; photographs of any of these would be appreciated greatly:


c.1990 ? - 2001 2002 - 2007
2008 - 2012 2013 -


1963 1960 - 1962; 1964 - 1965 1966 - 1967
*see note 1 below
1971 - 1974 1975 - 1976 1977 - 1978
1979 - 1980 1981 - 1982 1984
1985 1986 1993 - 2002
2003 2004 - 2010 2011 -

*1 During the 1960 season, the team captains wore a slightly different design - the stripe and facemasks were white. In 1965, large white players' uniform numerals were worn at the back of the helmet, on either side of the middle stripe.


c.1988? - 2001 2002 2003 - 2007
2008 - 2010 2011 2012 - 2013
*see note 1 below
November 2, 2013 November 8, 2014 2013 (?) -
*see note 2 below *see note 3 below *see notes 1 & 4 below

An earlier helmet design has been described as having a red shell with a white "arrowhead" logo (as on the Kansas City Chiefs helmets); the letters "NC" were present inside the arrowhead. I suspect that this design may have been used for many years during the 1970s and/or 1980s. Photographs would be appreciated. The team was known as the "Indians" in 2007 and during prior years.

*1 Photographs from the 2013 and 2014 seasons (and perhaps from 2012, also) show some helmets with a single dark gray stripe, but these would appear to have been outnumbered by "stripe-less" helmets.

*2 During the 2013 game at Brevard, Newberry used a special helmet decal with an "American flag" color scheme (see photo below). I would appreciate a clearer photograph of this design.

*3 Worn during the 2014 home game vs Carson-Newman.

*4 The red helmet decal may have first been used during the late games of the 2013 season.


? - c.1999 c.2000 -


2001? - 2003 2004 - 2011 2012 -

The "?-2000?" helmet design used by Wingate has been described to me as being white with a blue "W", similar to that used on the first helmet shown above; I would appreciate some photographs of this design.