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Columbia has a new helmet design in 2013 (shown above).

Historical Helmets


1960? - 1966 1967 - 1971 1972
*see note 1 below
1973 - 1977 1978 1979
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I believe this to be a complete set of historical helmet designs for Brown for the period covered by this web site (1960 to present).

*1 It was reported to me earlier that the numerals on this helmet were apparently worn only on the left sides, with the right sides "blank", but I have received photographs from the 1962 game at Harvard that show Brown using numerals on both sides of the helmet. It was also reported previously that this design was in use in 1959, also, but a clear photograph from the 1959 Harvard at Brown game show no numerals on either side of the visible Brown helmets (though the two white stripes are present). The style of numerals may also have varied during the years when this design was in use - I have one rather blurry photograph that appears to show "block" numerals, as opposed to the more "rounded" style as depicted on this helmet image.


? - 1970 1977 1971 - 1976;
1978 - 1979
1980 - 1981 1981 1982
*see note 1 below
1983 - 1984 1985 1986? - 1997
1998 - 2002 October 18, 2003 2003 - 2005
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2006 2007 - 2012 2013 -

Through most of the 1960s, Columbia used white helmets with a single light blue stripe, and with uniform numerals on the sides of the helmet in some dark color (probably black or blue). The side numerals were discarded by at least 1970, though during at least some games in 1970, the team wore numerals at the front of the helmet.

*1 In 1981, this design was worn only during the first game of the season (vs Penn); the lion decals were added the following week and used for the remainder of the season.

*2 This special design was worn during the 2003 home game against Penn, and was intended to resemble the helmets worn by the 1961 Columbia team which won the Ivy League championship that year.


? - 1966 1967 - 1975 1976
1978 - 1982 ? - 2001 1983 - ?; 2002 - 2007
*see note 1 below
September 20, 2008 2008 - 2009 2010 -
*see note 2 below

I do not have much information for Cornell from the early 1960s, other than that the team apparently used white helmet shells during these years before switching to red in 1967. The first helmet shown above was in use around 1966.

*1 The 1977 helmet design was a variation of this one - below is a photograph of the 1977 version. I would appreciate a clearer photograph than this one.

*2 This design was used during the first game of the 2008 season (at Bucknell).


1965 - 1982 1987 - 1998 (1983 - 1986)?;
1999 - 2005
2006 -

During the early 1960s, Dartmouth was using white helmet shells with three stripes (green/white/green) and with uniform numerals of some unknown color (probably green or black) on the sides of the helmets.

Dartmouth's helmets from 1983 through 1986 were similar to the present helmet design, but I am not sure about the facemask color during those years (they were some dark color, probably either green or black).


c.1950s - 1960 1961 - 1963 1964 - 1971
1972 - 1973 1974 1982 - 1993
*see note 1 below
1994 - 2003 2004 - 2011 2012 -

*1 The text surrounding the "H" on the decal on this helmet reads: "1874-1974 THE REAL FOOTBALL CENTENNIAL"; I believe this is in reference to a claim by Harvard to have participated in the first "real" football game in 1874. The logo was apparently actually worn only on the right sides of the helmets, with the left sides left "blank".


? - 1961 ? - 1963 - ? ? - 1969 - 1970?
1971? - 1978 1979 - 1980 1981 - 1991
1992 - 2003 2003 2004 - 2006
2007 -

I have received less information for Penn than for the other Ivy League teams, and there may be some other interesting helmet designs awaiting "re-discovery", particularly those from the 1960s. During at least 1961, the team was using blue helmets with white-red-white stripes, and white uniform numerals on the sides (see photo below). I would really need a clearer photograph than this one in order to draw this helmet accurately. The 1963 design was similar to this, but without the numerals.

During at least 1969, Penn used the helmet design shown below - I have no color photographs of this one, and I do not know the colors of either the "P" or the helmet shell.

In 1979 and 1980 Penn used the design shown below; again no color photographs have been received, but a visitor to the web site reported that the helmets were probably the same red or crimson color used earlier during the 1970s:

I have never had a good copy of the 1992 - 2003 Penn helmet logo; if somebody could please send me a copy of it, I would like to improve upon the representation of this helmet shown above.


c.1950s? - 1968 1969 1970 - 1972
*see note 1 below
1974 1975 - 1977 1978
1979 - 1980 1981 - 1983 1984 - 1997
1998 - 2011 2012 -
*see note 2 below *see note 2 below

*1 This design was in use by at least 1961, and probably much earlier. The 1969 helmet was similar to this one, but a special decal was worn on the sides - a football-shape containing the numerals "100", in recognition of the centennial of the first college football game, played between Princeton and Rutgers on November 6, 1869. I would appreciate a color photograph of the 1969 Princeton helmet.

*2 The current Princeton helmet design (and its predecessor) is based upon a design which originated at Princeton but is most often associated with its 60-plus year run at Michigan. Princeton Coach "Fritz" Crisler is credited with designing the "winged" helmet in 1935 with the intention of helping his quarterbacks detect their receivers downfield; most teams' helmets were bland and indistinguishable at that time, and Crisler's design was one of the first to bear some distinction. The triangular shapes are said to represent the folded-back ears of a tiger, while the three stripes imitate those on the animal's body. Although these features are purely ornamental on modern helmets, they coincided with physical features of the helmet during the 1930s. Crisler took the design with him to Michigan in 1938, and, as I understand it, Princeton ceased to use it at that same time. The design was resurrected in modern form for the 1998 season at Princeton.


c.late 1950s - 1963 1972 1973
*see note 1 below *see note 2 below *see note 2 below
1978 1966 - 1968; 1970 - 1971;
1974 - 1977; 1979
1997 - 2011
1980 - 1996; 2012 -

In 1964 only, Yale used a small blue and white "bulldog head" decal, which is vaguely visible in the photograph here. I would appreciate any clear side-view photographs of this helmet, as well as a copy of the helmet logo itself. This is apparently the only helmet logo Yale has ever used aside from the various "Y" versions, and the decal used in 1969.

In 1969, Yale used a version of the "100" decal that many teams used that year. Yale's version was worn at the front of the helmet, rather than on the sides.

*1 In 1962 only, additional stripes were added to some players' helmets (or perhaps to all of them); the stripes were worn on either side of the middle blue stripe, and were colored according to each player's role on the team: green for the offensive unit, red for the defense, and yellow for "all-purpose" players. A Yale game program from this era lists a set of nicknames for these three units: "Commandos", "Apaches", and "Bulldogs", respectively.

*2 The "100" decal worn in 1972 recognized the centennial of football at Yale; it was replaced with a "101" the following year.