Helmets of Future College Teams

This page contains announced helmet designs for college teams that will begin varsity play in the year 2017 or later; there were five new teams in 2016. The new teams for the 2016 season were University of Texas of the Permian Basin (of the NCAA Division II Lone Star Conference), West Florida (NCAA Division II Gulf South Conference), Davenport (an NAIA independent in 2016), Cincinnati Christian (NAIA Mid-South Football Conference), and Morthland (a team unaffiliated with either the NCAA or NAIA). Helmet images for the new-for-2016 teams have been moved to their respective conference pages.

If you are associated with one of these future teams and have information about what the team's helmet design will look like, I would certainly appreciate hearing from you, but PLEASE wait until a ***FINAL*** decision is made about what the helmets will look like! If there is any doubt, I would prefer that you wait until shortly before the team plays its first game!

One fact became abundantly clear to me after having worked on this web site for several years is that many colleges will put together for ceremonies associated with the arrival of varsity football some sort of helmet design that is never really intended to be a "prototype" design for the team; it would probably be better to call such a helmet a "prop" helmet. It is my impression that decisions about actual helmet designs are usually reserved for the head coach to make, and rarely will a head coach have been named as soon as a decision is made to institute a team. So, without additional information to indicate otherwise, I do not consider photographs from "football introduction festivities" showing "prop" helmets to be reliable information about actual helmet designs. There is little reason to send me photographs from these future teams' web sites unless they are accompanied by a caption indicating that a helmet design which the team will actually use is shown - besides, I've probably already seen them.

The following four-year colleges and universities have announced that they will be adding varsity football programs either in 2017 or subsequent years (first year of play in parentheses):

There certainly may be others as well which I have not heard about, so please let me know if you have any additions! (including colleges in Canada and junior or community colleges).

New teams for 2017


St. Andrews' team will be called the "Knights" and the school colors are listed as blue and white. I have not yet received any information as to a helmet design for this team. First game: August 26 at Lindsey Wilson


Texas Wesleyan's football team will be called the "Rams" and the school colors are listed as blue and gold. I have not yet received any information as to a helmet design for this team. First game: September 2 at McPherson


Football will return to UAB in 2017 following a two-year absence. The "Blazers", who use green and gold as the school colors, will return to Conference USA and will be eligible for the conference championship and a bowl game in 2017. I am not yet aware of any helmet design having been chosen for the restored team; UAB used two different designs in 2014, the program's last year. First game: September 2 vs Alabama A&M

Other colleges which may start football teams

Below are listed some other colleges which may be adding football as a varsity sport in the near future, or which at least appear to be considering doing so, and some others which have recently rejected the idea. For each of these, it is my impression that the addition of football is not yet a certainty. (There are probably many others besides those listed here; reports about additional schools, both in the United States and Canada, would be appreciated.)