Some made-up stuff part 2

One night I had the strangest dream - I found myself twenty-five years into the future watching a bunch of NFL games on these enormous, holographic "televisions" (for lack of a better word) which covered each of the walls of the room in which I was standing. Naturally I was interested in the helmet designs, and I soon noticed that every team had changed its design, though it was still easy to identify which team was which. Some teams had simply switched the colors around, some had gone back to earlier helmet logos, and others were using strange, altogether new logos. Only one team, the Houston Texans, had made a dramatic change to their team colors - they apparently had decided at some point that there were too many blue and red teams in the league already, and had decided to go with a more "western" look using brown, tan, and blue. Oddly, there were no new or relocated teams

After a few minutes the announcers started talking about the latest "BCS controversy" and I awoke, screaming. Amazingly I remembered each of these helmet designs perfectly and I have re-created them below for your amusement (this is the AFC minus Jacksonville, plus Green Bay; NFC and Jacksonville will be added later).

New York Jets New England Patriots Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers
Cincinnati Bengals Baltimore Ravens Tennessee Titans
Indianapolis Colts Houston Texans Oakland Raiders
Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs San Diego Chargers
Green Bay Packers