Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association

Northern Division

"Bulldogs" "Hawks" "Vikings"
Bowie, MD Murfreesboro, NC Elizabeth City, NC
"Lions" "Trojans" "Panthers"
Lincoln University, PA Petersburg, VA Richmond, VA

Southern Division

"Broncos" "Golden Bulls" "Blue Bears"
Fayetteville, NC Charlotte, NC Salisbury, NC
"Falcons" "Bears" "Rams"
Raleigh, NC Raleigh, NC Winston-Salem, NC


Saint Augustine's has a new helmet design for the 2016 season (shown above).

Historical Helmets


? - 1998? 1999? - 2000 2001 - 2002
2003 2004 - 2006 2007
2008 - 2013 2014 2015 -

This team appears to change helmet designs VERY frequently, and I believe it is possible that several more helmet designs besides the ones shown here may have been used even since the year 2001. Photographs of other designs used by the team would be appreciated. I believe that the team may have used plain black helmets for a short time between the "BULLDOGS" helmet and the first helmet with numerals.


? - 2003 2004 - 2005 2006 - 2007
2008 - 2012 2013 2014 -
*see note 1 below

In 2006 and 2007, this team used blue helmets with a logo consisting of the letters "CU" in white, as may be seen in the photograph below. I would appreciate a copy of the helmet logo, which would enable me to add this one to the web site.

Chowan became a four-year college in 1992, so there should be a relatively short helmet history for this team (the college had a junior-college level football team prior to 1992). The team nickname was changed from "Braves" to "Hawks" in 2006.

*1 During the 2013 season the numerals are being worn only on the left side of each helmet; on the right side is the same "C"/"hawk head" logo which was worn in previous seasons (though possibly a somewhat larger version than was used previously).


1981? - ? ? - 1999 2000 only?
2002 - 2004 2005 - 2010 2011 - 2012
2013 2014 -
*see note 1 below

In 2001, ECSU used a navy blue or black "Vikings" logo with a white outline on royal blue helmets shells; below is a picture. I would appreciate a copy of the helmet decal used on this design so that I may add this helmet to the site.

*1 This design featured uniform numerals on the left side only of each helmet; the right side has "STATE" in large letters beneath "ELIZABETH CITY" in smaller letters (as depicted below).


? - 1999 2001 2002 - 2006?
2007? - 2012 2013 -


1998? 1999? 2000?
2000? - 2001 2002 - 2003 2004
2005 - 2008 2009 - 2010 2010
2011 - 2014 2011 -

The dates of use listed for the earlier helmets are very uncertain. I believe that JCSU used blue helmets only during the 2000 season, with no logo earlier in the season, and with the yellow "JC Smith" logo being added later. Yellow helmets were used during 1999 and earlier, but I can only guess about the logo sequence. I believe the white bull logo is more recent than the one with the blue bull. There was also a version of the yellow helmet with the word "Bulls" in a script font, used some time in the last few years. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can clarify the precise dates of use for each of these helmets.


2008 (first few games) 2008 2009? - 2011?
2012 2013 2014
2015 2016 -
*see note 1 below *see note 2 below

This team played its first season of football in 2008. The team used plain orange helmets during at least its first game, but helmet decals were added by early October 2008 (see photo below). I would appreciate a copy of the helmet logo for this design.

Beginning in 2009 a different logo was used (see photo below) - again I would appreciate a copy of the artwork for the helmet logo of this design.

*1 Uniform numerals are present on the left side only of this design; the right side has a "lion" logo with the school name (as represented below).

*2 The "LU" logo is present on the left side only of this design; uniform numerals are worn on the right side (as represented below).


2004 - 2007 2008 - 2009 ? - 2001?; 2003;
2010 - 2012?
2013 -

During the 2002 season, Livingstone used black helmets with a light blue "LC" logo on the sides; below is a photograph of one of these helmets. I would appreciate a copy of the 2002 helmet decal so that I may add this one to the web site.

I believe that this team may also have used some other helmet designs in recent years which were never reported.


2003 - 2004 2005 - 2006 2007 - 2011
2012 - 2014 2015 2016 -

Saint Augustine's did not have a football team from 1966 through 2001. In 2002, which was the first year for the restored team, SAU used royal blue helmets with a logo on the sides which I cannot identify from the clearest photographs yet received (see below), but which I think may be a "flying falcon" logo similar to one of Air Force's old athletics logo.


2002 only? 2004 - 2006 2003; 2007 (early season); 2008 -
*see note 1 below
2007 (most of season); 2009 -

This team used plain white helmets during its first game of the 2007 season (vs Miles) but had added a logo by at least game #4 vs Elizabeth City State - I would appreciate a report as to precisely when the decals were added to the helmet design.

*1 Shaw's team was still at the JV or club level when this helmet design was in use. 2003 was the first year for the varsity team (though the school had a varsity team previously which played its last season in 1978 - information about the earlier team's helmet designs would be appreciated).


? - 2001 2002 (game #1) 2002 - 2012
2013 - 2014 2015 -


? - 2000? 2001? - 2003 2004 - 2007
2008 2009 - 2013 2014 -


c.1990 ? - 2002? 2012 only?
2003? - 2013 September 6, 2014 2014 -
2015 -
*see note 1 below

*1 The North Carolina state outline logo is present on the left side only of this design; the right side features a large version of WSSUs "ram head" logo (as depicted below). The stripe on this design contains a list of ten years from 1977 to 2012 during which WSSU won the CIAA championship.