NCAA Division II Independents

"Big Blue" "Eagles"
Bluefield, WV Waterbury, CT

Historical Helmets


2021 - 2021 -

Bluefield State did not have an intercollegiate football team from 1981 through 2020; before 1981 the college had a football team for several decades. I have been unable to locate any information about helmet designs for the 1960 - 1980 period other than a few photographs of similar quality to those below, which appear in Elon University's 1976 yearbook. I believe these helmets are those worn by Bluefield State, which did play Elon in 1975 and used "devil" imagery for the school's athletic teams during this period; the logo appears to be a simple "pitchfork". Any additional information about helmet designs used by earlier Bluefield State teams would be appreciated.


2021 2022 -

The 2021 Post team played a schedule composed of JV teams and prep school teams; 2022 apparently should be considered the team's first year as an NCAA Division II team.