2013 College Football Preview
OFFENSE: Landry Jones-QB, Dominique Whaley-RB, Justin Brown-WR, Lane Johnson-OT, Kenny Stills-WR (NFL)
DEFENSE: David King-DE, Jamarkus McFarland-DT, Casey Walker-DT, R.J. Washington-DE, Demontre Hurst-CB, Javon Harris-SS, Tress Way-P, Tony Jefferson-FS (NFL), Tom Wort-LB (NFL)
C Gabe Ikard
Offensive Line / Receivers

It may be in Oklahoma's best interest to get behind the "Big Uglies" and pound the ball between the tackles a little more. This is a typical OU veteran offensive line filled with plenty of potential. If Coach Stoops decides to continue letting it rip, he will have plenty of qualified targets running routes.

Quarterback / Defensive Line

Is Blake Bell, the projected replacement for Landry Jones, ready to step in behind center and throw 500-plus passes? Or will it be one of the quarterbacks coming off the scout team? This will be an interesting spring in regards to OU's passing scheme. The defensive line is a major sore spot and could spell the difference between a Big 12 title or another case of not meeting the expectations.

CB Aaron Colvin
Returning Starters/
Key Players
QB Blake Bell-Jr (6-6, 263) Kendal Thompson-So (6-1, 191) / Trevor Knight-RFr (6-1, 202)
FB Trey Millard-Sr (6-2, 259) Aaron Ripkowski-Jr (6-1, 260)
RB Damien Williams-Sr (5-11, 214) Brennan Clay-Sr (5-11, 197)
WR Jalen Saunders-Sr (5-9, 160) Durron Neal-So (5-11, 201)
WR Sterling Shepard-So (5-10, 188) Jaz Reynolds-Sr (6-2, 198)
WR Trey Metoyer-So (6-1, 184) Lacolton Bester-Sr (6-3, 208)
TE Brannon Green-Sr (6-2, 264) Taylor McNamara-RFr (6-5, 253)
OT Daryl Williams-Jr (6-6, 315) Derek Farniok-So (6-9, 324)
OG Adam Shead-Jr (6-4, 311) Austin Woods-Sr (6-4, 310)
C Gabe Ikard-Sr (6-3, 298) Ty Darlington-So (6-3, 282)
OG Bronson Irwin-Sr (6-5, 310) Nila Kasitati-So (6-4, 309)
OT Tyrus Thompson-Jr (6-5, 316) Josiah St. John-Jr (6-6, 305)
K Mike Hunnicutt-Jr (6-1, 169) Nick Hodgson-Jr (6-2, 189)
Returning Starters/
Key Players
DE Mike Onuoha-So (6-5, 235) Rashad Favors-Jr (6-1, 262)
DT Chuka Ndulue-Jr (6-3, 262) Torrea Peterson-Jr (6-3, 280)
DT Jordan Phillips-So (6-6, 324) Jordan Wade-RFr (6-4, 306)
DE Geneo Grissom-Jr (6-4, 254) Charles Tapper-So (6-4, 253)
OLB Corey Nelson-Sr (6-1, 215) Aaron Franklin-Jr (6-1, 217)
MLB Frank Shannon-So (6-1, 230) Eric Striker-So (6-0, 198)
CB Cortez Johnson-So (6-2, 198) Kass Everett-Sr (5-10, 180)
CB Aaron Colvin-Sr (6-1, 181) Zack Sanchez-RFr (5-11, 170)
SS Quentin Hayes-Jr (6-0, 181) Hatari Byrd-Fr (6-1, 195)
FS Gabe Lynn-Sr (6-0, 199) Trey Franks-Jr (5-10, 184)
NB Julian Wilson-Jr (6-2, 191) Ahmad Thomas-Fr (6-1, 205)
P Jed Barnett-Jr (6-2, 215) Jed Steed-RFr (6-5, 214)


  • In recent years OU has started the season with a Top Ten billing only to fall way short. That won't be the case in 2013. Given the success Coach Stoops enjoys in recruiting it's obvious the Sooners are capable of beating anyone when at their best. The defense will take some hits personnel wise and playing time has been slim for evaluating back ups.
  • The quarterback development this off-season will be huge. Otherwise the whole offensive strategy might need a major adjustment if no one can spell Landry Jones. OU threw 522 passes in 2012. Blake Bell is the only other to attempt a pass and he only tossed 15 of those. The Belldozer package in the red zone has been effective but it's mostly been done with his power and feet. He can throw but can he throw 500 passes? Don't count out young quarterbacks Trevor Knight and Kendall Thompson in this race that will extend all the way into August camp.
  • The top two rushers are back in Norman. Damien Williams and Brennan Clay are superior ball carriers but that is not how Oklahoma wins those shoot outs. With a new quarterback taking over now may be the time to slow down the wagon and put more emphasis on the running game. The offensive line can carry that load. And multi-talented Trey Millard is a beast at either fullback or tight end.
  • When the going gets tough, OU throws the ball and seven of the top nine pass catchers will be back. Four of them had more than 300 yards receiving. If Coach Stoops chooses to let it rip he certainly has the weapons running the routes.
  • The massive X on the Oklahoma check list has been this run defense, 80th in the nation. The weakness can be spotted in the tackling numbers as the top four tacklers are all defensive backs.
  • The defensive line gets almost totally gutted. This unit could continue to kill any and all aspirations the Sooners have of getting back into Title Town. Coaches also need to locate a source of more heat on opposing quarterbacks.
  • There may be quality players from previous recruiting classes waiting to step up on defense, but for the time being there just isn't any depth whatsoever in regards to logged playing time. Plenty of opportunities exist for the youngsters coming up.



Aug. 31 - Louisiana-Monroe
Sept. 7 - West Virginia
Sept. 14 - Tulsa
Sept. 28 - at Notre Dame
Oct. 5 - TCU
Oct. 12 - vs. Texas @Dallas, TX
Oct. 19 - at Kansas
Oct. 26 - Texas Tech
Nov. 9 - at Baylor
Nov. 16 - Iowa State
Nov. 23 - at Kansas State
Dec. 7 - at Oklahoma State