RB Allen Patrick

2006 Statistics

Coach: Bob Stoops
86-19, 8 years
2006 Record: 11-3
UAB WON 24-17
at Oregon LOST 33-34
vs. Texas LOST 10-28
at Missouri WON 26-10
at Texas A&M WON 17-16
at Baylor WON 36-10
at Oklahoma State WON 27-21
vs. Nebraska WON 21-7
Boise State LOST 42-43 (OT)

2006 Final Rankings
AP-11, Coaches-11, BCS-10

2007 Outlook

Head coach Bob Stoops only has to patch up a few areas needing attention in order to again field one of the best teams in I-A. With a new QB and new backs redefining the Sooner’s look and feel offensively, last year’s two disappointing losses – with the one against Boise still smarting – can quickly become afterthoughts. Stoops & Co. will do their usual great job of making the most of what is instead being hung up on what coulda-woulda-shoulda been. Four main areas need focus: fine tuning the next great Sooner hurler, providing reps for all the great backs, finding defensive ends after the mass exodus there, and shuffling the linebackers for the best group fit and result. The running game will be fine, as will the LB corps. But the prospects at DE and QB won’t be known until the Sooners’ wagon hits the ground rolling in September. Stellar DBs, a complete return of all major receiving targets and a young, developed OL will make Oklahoma seem unbeatable at moments, but looking great against pedestrian foes isn’t what will secure OU’s highest spot in the polls. An early visit by a reborn Hurricane squad is sure to show any marginal/weak areas, and those need to be smoothed out before the watershed game against Texas in the first week of October…a game the Sooners haven’t won since 2004. The winner will again have an inside track in the BCS race, but the Big 12 is gaining parity to assure, like last year, that neither of these two South division powerhouses is a shoe-in for the league crown. Visits by Mizzu, A&M and their in-state nemesis may favor OU, but none is a gimme. Stoops has done more in years where he has had less to work with, so a national championship isn’t out of the realm of possibilities given the QB(s) can keep up…and the ‘sooner’ they do the better, eh?

Projected 2007 record: 10-2
QB - 2.5 DL - 4
RB - 3.5 LB - 3.5
WR - 4 DB - 5
OL - 4.5 ..

Passing: Joey Halzle, 1-2-0, 15 yds., 0 TD

Rushing: Allen Patrick, 169 att., 761 yds., 4 TD

Receiving: Malcolm Kelly, 62 rec., 993 yds., 10 TD

Scoring: Garrett Hartley, 19-20 FG, 49-50 PAT, 106 pts.

Punting: Michael Cohen, 51 punts, 41.0 avg.

Kicking: Garrett Hartley, 19-20 FG, 49-50 PAT, 106 pts.

Tackles: Nic Harris, 68 tot., 40 solo

Sacks: Steven Coleman, 3 sacks

Interceptions: Nic Harris, 4 for 11 yds.

Kickoff Returns: Juaquin Iglesias, 14 ret., 25.9 avg., 1 TD

Punt Returns: Reggie Smith, 37 ret., 7.8 avg., 1 TD


DT Steven Coleman
OFFENSE: Paul Thompson-QB, Chris Messner-OT, Adrian Peterson-RB (NFL)
DEFENSE: Larry Birdine-DE, C.J. Ah You-DE, Calvin Thibodeaux-DE, Zach Latimer-MLB, Rufus Alexander-WLB, Jason Carter-SS

Coach Bob Stoops could put the names of his running backs on a wall and throw a dart to find a candidate capable of replacing Adrian Peterson…but finding their next signal caller is going to take a lot more time and work, and that search will go farthest in defining the 2007 Sooners. Spring ball elicited no clear leader amongst the three candidates - junior Joey Halzle is a JUCO-transfer who was second-team last year, so he knows the ropes best; 6’5 RS freshman Sam Bradford is the in-state favorite with an arm from hell and feet as good as Halzle’s; incoming freshman Keith Nicol enrolled early to make big strides in spring ball and has (so far) shown the best composure of the three. There is no telling who will get the nod, but Halzle has the inside track due to extensive collegiate experience. As stated, the running game will provide plenty of backs who will open up the downfield possibilities. Senior Allen Patrick filled in admirably for Peterson, and Chris Brown’s contributions as a freshman show he is ready and able when the call comes. But the biggest surprise looks like Las Vegas-native DeMarco Murray, this year’s newbie who tore it up in spring scrimmages. Rotations will again work if employed. There will be plenty of open targets downfield since OU sees its top four snarlers back. 6’4 All-Big 12 receiver Malcolm Kelly will garner double-teams as he goes deep, allowing fellow juniors Manuel Johnson and Juaquin Iglesias to balance the stat line. The No.4 guy was TE Joe Jon Finley, a huge target who can be sent into pattern since he is backed by pure blocker Brody Eldridge – both are all-conference. The depth at receiver and tight end is extraordinary due to banner recruiting classes loaded with them. The line’s starting five look solid with tackle Brandon Braxton back from the broken leg that allowed Trent Williams to start as a freshman. Their all-conference junior guards guarantee running success inside. But little developed depth past these five could spell trouble if an injury rash hits. Still, this line is stocked with prime Oklahoma beef that can take command in the trenches due to all of them being 300+lbs. and having superior footwork. Ex-Sooner and QB coach Josh Heupel will again prove invaluable, assuring that whoever is chosen can manage this much talent so as to give OU a chance to win their half of the conference.


WR Malcolm Kelly


Returning Starters/
Key Players
QB Sam Bradford-Fr (6-5, 197) Joey Halzle-Jr (6-3, 198)
Keith Nichol-Fr (6-2, 180)
FB Brody Eldridge-So (6-5, 258) Matt Clapp-Jr (6-2, 244)
RB Allen Patrick-Sr (6-0, 191) DeMarco Murray-Fr (6-0, 191)
Chris Brown-So (5-10, 190)
WR Malcolm Kelly-Jr (6-4, 217) Adron Tennell-So (6-4, 184)
WR Manuel Johnson-Jr (5-11, 177) Fred Strong-Jr (6-1, 197)
WR Juaquin Iglesias-Jr (6-1, 201) ..
TE Joe Jon Finley-Sr (6-6, 260) Jermaine Gresham-So (6-6, 250)
OT Phil Loadholt-Jr (6-8, 350) Noah Hughey-So (6-3, 270)
OG George Robinson-Jr Sherrone Moore-Sr (6-3, 297)
C Jon Cooper-Jr (6-2, 285) Chase Beeler-So (6-3, 276)
OG Brandon Walker-Jr (6-3, 306) Brian Simmons-So (6-4, 293)
OT Branndon Braxton-Jr (6-6, 312) Trent Williams-So (6-5, 321)
K Garrett Hartley-Sr (5-9, 198) ..



The first big project on defense is for DL fixture/coach Jackie Shipp to find candidates at end to fill the coffers there that were nearly vacated. Senior Alonzo Dotson is a good start with his extensive experience as a reserve, and then guys like Beal, Johnson, Macon, as well as this year’s No.8 weakside prospect (Rivals) in Baton Rouge’s quickster Frank Alexander bring huge potential for what can be again. Inside, all-Big 12 senior Steven Coleman and Cory Bennett already have two worthy backups, so finding room for RS frosh Gerald McCoy, last year’s top tackle recruit, will be a good problem to have with the ends needing help initially. The second big project is to rebuild the linebacking corps after losing top tacklers (and TFLs) Alexander and Latimer. Former-Parade All-American Curtis Lofton and UCLA-transfer Demarrio Pleasant both saw significant time on the strongside, but they and weakside beast Lewis Baker will have to hold off JUCO-transfer Mike Reed, this year’s top inside linebacker prospect who ripped through blockers in spring. Lofton likely will move to the middle. Depth behind these four is still developing, but this still has the chance at being a strong corps who can play at the level of last year’s group. As you can see, the secondary goes all-conference across the board, with even junior nickel back Nic Harris getting the same superlative since he led the team in INTs and was third in tackles. Corner Lendy Holmes uses his 6’1 frame to shutdown any size receiver on the outside while securing the corner on runs. William and Smith form possibly the best safety pair in the land, and depth already means new prospects are stacked and waiting here, too. This can again be a top 20 defense in most categories since schools like this reload instead of rebuild. But there cannot be more aberrations like we saw against Oregon and Boise if OU wants to have a shot at reclaiming the Big 12 title.


DB Nic Harris


Returning Starters/
Key Players
DE John Williams-Sr (6-5, 249) Auston English-So (6-3, 257)
DT Steven Coleman-Sr Carl Pendleton-Sr
DT Cory Bennett-Jr DeMarcus Granger-So
DE Alonzo Dotson-Sr (6-3, 252) Jeremy Beal-Fr (6-4, 254)
SLB Demarrio Pleasant-Sr (6-2, 231) Curtis Lofton-Jr (6-0, 235)
MLB Ryan Reynolds-So (6-1, 237) Mike Reed-Jr (6-1, 250)
WLB Lewis Baker-Sr (6-2, 210) ..
CB Marcus Walker-Sr (5-11, 192) Dominique Franks-Fr (5-11, 183)
CB Reggie Smith-Jr (6-1, 197) Lendy Holmes-Jr (6-1, 196)
SS D.J. Wolfe-Sr (6-0, 196) Keenan Clayton-So (6-1, 210)
FS Darien Williams-Sr (6-0, 197) Nic Harris-Jr (6-3, 226)
P Michael Cohen-Sr (6-0, 205) Mike Knall-Jr (5-9, 178)




Garrett Hartley only missed one try in ’06…unfortunately, it was in the Oregon travesty and it could have been sweet justice. Back for his senior year, Garrett is sure to dot the Groza watch list. Punter Mike Cohen affords OU a top 30 ranking for net results. Return men Jauquin Iglesias and Reggie Smith (kicks and punts, respectively) are dangerous anywhere on the field, though Smith has to get what he can, when he can…instead of always looking for the big one and often sacrificing yards in the process.