QB Matt Ryan

2006 Statistics

Coach: Jeff Jagodzinski
1st year
2006 Record: 10-3
at Central Michigan WON 31-24
at NC State LOST 15-17
at Florida State WON 24-19
at Wake Forest LOST 14-21
at Miami FL LOST 14-17
Navy WON 25-24

2006 Final Rankings
AP-20, Coaches-20, BCS-24

2007 Outlook

New head coach Jeff Jagodzinski returns to BC after his standout efforts as OC here from 1997-98. Faster big men (less body fat percentage) will be found so that the speed of their offensive execution can increase, a key to Jagodzinski’s offensive vision being realized. In bringing on OC Steve Logan, we can predict that there will be an effort to reestablish the running game and (then) to stretch the field more as explosiveness abounds. That’s what will happen when All-ACC first-team QB Matt Ryan returns for his senior season. Ryan has the new system down and is ready for his men to keep up with his thorough approach. The tight ends and RBs are all still here, but a new fullback is vital to Jagodzinski’s vision being realized. Still, it is the consistency of the defense under 10 year coordinator Frank Spaziani that will mean BC challenges for their division half. That is an even easier prediction when nine returning defensive starters and most of the reserves come back. The only concerns are at corner, where matchup issues due to size could impact team results. Still, who can argue with 21 INTs from them in ‘06? Little change will be seen to the schemes on this side of the ball – keep it simple and keep the ball in front of you. The (home) opener with a resurgent Wake Forest squad and a trip to Atlanta look like the only challenges before the last six games (four of them on the road) define their 2007 campaign. BC was 12 points away from an undefeated season in ’06, losing two of their three to teams they should have easily beaten. Only tiny steps back will need to be taken with the new coaching, so expect big things for New England’s best college football team.

Projected 2007 record: 10-2
QB - 4.5 DL - 4
RB - 4 LB - 4
WR - 3 DB - 4
OL - 3.5 ..

Passing: Matt Ryan, 263-427-10, 2942 yds., 15 TD

Rushing: L.V. Whitworth, 174 att., 791 yds., 4 TD

Receiving: Kevin Challenger, 47 rec., 543 yds., 5 TD

Scoring: Steve Aponavicius, 8-11 FG, 24-25 PAT, 48 pts.

Punting: Johnny Ayers, 59 punts, 42.1 avg.

Kicking: Steve Aponavicius, 8-11 FG, 24-25 PAT, 48 pts.

Tackles: Jolonn Dunbar, 92 tot., 50 solo

Sacks: Kevin Akins, 7.5 sacks

Interceptions: DeJuan Tribble, 7 for 108 yds., 3 TD

Kickoff Returns: Jeff Smith, 23 ret., 28.0 avg., 1 TD

Punt Returns: DeJuan Tribble, 27 ret., 8.7 avg., 0 TD


DT B.J. Raji
OFFENSE: Mark Palmer-FB, Tony Gonzalez-WR, James Marten-OT, Josh Beekman-OG
DEFENSE: Larry Anam-CB, Ryan Glasper-SS

You can bet that under new coordinator Steve Logan, all-ACC first-teamer Matt Ryan will thrive even more. The 6’5 senior embraces the short passing game well; some advice for their new head coach - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. One of Jagodzinski’s main aims here is to speed the team’s execution up so as to save those fractions of a second that are often the difference between gaining and losing yards. Ryan already can do this, so it is up to the rest of the offense to attain quicker play development. Moreover, BC’s signal caller isn’t afraid to grab someone who misses an assignment and give them the time of day, and Ryan’s leadership will be vital with the transition to an offense with even more possibilities. The receivers come back pretty much en mass, so role players like all-ACC senior Kevin Challenger and junior Brandon Robinson are already in place. Logan will have to find a downfield threat, likely Clarence Megwa, since he is the corps’ most experienced six-footer. TEs Ryan Thompson and Ryan Purvis (no relation) afford Ryan two big deep threats who occupy safeties as they open defenses up. All of this will be complimented by a fresh focus on making the running game more than what it has been lately (ranked 92nd in all of I-A). Logan uses a physical, old school approach to softening up defenders, so the thunderous senior duo of L.V. Whitworth and Andre Callender will likely see their load increase 10-20%. Both will see the ball often in the flat, as will ex-LB James McCluskey who has been moved to fullback. Jagodzinski has said clearly that the Eagles will have to find a guy who can handle the complicated assignments his offense requires from the fullback, and McCluskey’s heady approach and prep success there has looked good in everything so far. Jagodzinski is also famous from his last stint at BC for having his lines allow the fewest sacks in the league via their athletic edge. His work is cut out as they have no one with significant real game reps at left tackle. Senior Gosder Cherilus, a stalwart on the other side for 36 straight starts, has the physical tools and know-how to shift over, and two four-star tackle recruits along with this year’s class that is heavily laden with OLmen means there should be few problems come September. Talented senior reserve Ty Hall will find a home somewhere, likely the open guard slot. Guard Ryan Poles and center Kevin Sheridan are two returning seniors who, along with Cherilus and Hall, give the Eagles enough to insure offensive success in Beantown. Look for more formations (from pro-style to creative spread) and balance in the Eagle’s ball-moving efforts, which will allow the deeper passing game to find new life once opposing safeties are forced to respect their ground capabilities.


WR Kevin Challenger


Returning Starters/
Key Players
QB Matt Ryan-Sr (6-5, 218) Chris Crane-Jr (6-4, 232)
FB James McCluskey-Fr (6-2, 240) John Quinones-Sr (5-11, 232)
TB L.V. Whitworth-Sr (5-11, 216) Andre Callender-Sr (5-11, 204)
WR Brandon Robinson-Jr (5-10, 195) Clarence Megwa-So (6-1, 212)
WR Kevin Challenger-Sr (5-8, 178) Rich Gunnell-So (5-11, 205)
TE Ryan Thompson-Sr (6-4, 259) Ryan Purvis-Jr (6-4, 260)
OT Gosder Cherilus-Sr (6-7, 318) Ty Hall-Sr (6-4, 300)
OG Ryan Poles-Sr (6-4, 295) John Elliott-Fr (6-4, 288)
C Kevin Sheridan-Sr (6-3, 290) Bryan Murphy-Jr (6-3, 292)
OG Tom Anevski-Sr (6-2, 291) Matt Tennant-So (6-4, 278)
OT Clif Ramsey-Jr (6-6, 313) Patrick Sheil-So (6-6, 284)
K Steve Aponavicius-Jr (5-10, 175) ..



Expectations on this side of the ball are high with almost all of the returning starters back, especially up front. The tackles are both huge, yet each has an initial burst that proves extremely effective (B.J. Raji is a beast). The ends come back two-deep, almost guaranteeing this to be a top 25 unit for run stopping. The starting LBs are a well-sized senior group who know how to work together, and like the ends, all of last year’s reserves returning mean BC will punish ball carriers within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. Underneath coverage should improve as Jolonn Dunbar & Co. settle in. One area of mild concern is at corner. Sure, DeJuan Tribble is solid, and Razzie Smith and Taji Morris are capable. But size issues will again mean bigger receivers can win higher passes and jump balls. Senior Jamie Silva roams lots of ground in ruling the deep middle while strong safety Paul Anderson gets his starting role back. This secondary works on a bend-don’t-break approach. With so much help up front, extra DBs will be seen often. In all their coaching turnover, interim coach and coordinator Frank Spaziani - with his 14th-ranked scoring defense returning nine regular starters - remains one constant that will assure Eagle fans of much success.


CB DeJuan Tribble


Returning Starters/
Key Players
DE Brady Smith-So (6-2, 285) Austin Giles-So (6-3, 285)
DT Ron Brace-Jr (6-3, 335) Thomas Claiborne-Fr (6-3, 340)
DT B.J. Raji-Sr (6-1, 340) Jerry Willette-Jr (6-5, 265)
DE Nick Larkin-Sr (6-4, 250) Alex Albright-So (6-5, 230)
LB Tyronne Pruitt-Sr (5-11, 220) Mark Herzlich-So (6-4, 230)
LB Jolonn Dunbar-Sr (6-0, 233) Kevin Akins-Jr (6-2, 212)
LB Brian Toal-Sr (6-0, 232) Robert Francois-Jr (6-2, 240)
CB DeJuan Tribble-Sr (5-9, 190) Razzie Smith-So (5-10, 178)
CB Taji Morris-Sr (5-9, 181) Roderick Rollins-So (6-0, 170)
SS Paul Anderson-Jr (6-1, 210) Marcellus Bowman-Fr (6-2, 206)
FS Jamie Silva-Sr (5-11, 208) Wes Davis-So (6-1, 205)
P Johnny Ayers-Sr (6-0, 186) ..




Punter Johnny Ayers had over half of his 2006 attempts either fair caught or land inside opponents 20, which gave the Eagles the 18th-best net results in the nation…all of which should continue. What is somewhat perplexing is how kicker well-endowed Ryan Ohliger has so few conversions from 40+. Reserve RB Jeff Smith was seventh in the country for kick returns, while the world is just waiting until DeJuan Tribble returns one to the house.