NT Jermaine Berry

2003 Statistics

Coach: Bill Snyder
127-55-1, 15 years
2003 Record: 11-4
vs. California WON 42-28
at Texas LOST 20-24
at Oklahoma State LOST 34-38
at Iowa State WON 45-0
at Nebraska WON 38-9
vs. Oklahoma WON 35-7
Ohio State LOST 28-35

2003 Final Rankings
AP-14, Coaches-13, BCS-10

2004 Outlook

Don't expect the Wildcats to pull out another miracle. Without QB Ell Roberson, the team will be in a temporary slump. Thankfully, so will the rest of the Big 12 North. Believe it or not, a date with the Missouri Tigers could be the toughest game. Nebraska is going through a coaching change and Colorado is having "personal" issues. If Kansas State is going to have a down year, this is perfect timing. Two straight home games against Oklahoma and Nebraska will make or break the Wildcats' hopes for a Top 10 fate. Kansas State's defense will be able to hold the score close, so the offense will have to come through in tight games.

Every year Kansas State gets blasted by the media (NationalChamps.net included) for scheduling inferior 1-AA opponents. Although it never helps their strength of schedule, it does/will provide an opportunity for the team to bond before they travel to Texas A&M.

If problems develop in any part of the team, Coach Snyder is never afraid to unleash a few of his new recruits. The Wildcats had another strong recruiting class that surprisingly contained highly talented high school kids - in the past, the Cats relied more on JUCO transfers. This is a nice change of pace that gives the recruits more time to develop. The addition of freshmen Quarterbacks Nick Patton and Allan Evridge will put even more pressure on Dylan Meier and Allen Webb to perform.

The range of destinies available to the KSU pig-skinners is wide. Only four games are on the road, so the folks in Manhattan will have no one to blame when things don't go so well.

Projected 2004 record: 9-2
QB - 2 DL - 4
RB - 4.5 LB - 3
WR - 2.5 DB - 3
OL - 3 ..

Passing: Dylan Meier, 8-5-2, 78 yds., 0 TD

Rushing: Darren Sproles, 306 att., 1986 yds., 16 TD

Receiving: Antoine Polite, 29 rec., 409 yds., 1 TD

Scoring: Darren Sproles, 19 TD, 114 yds.

Punting: None

Kicking: Joe Rheem, 12-17 FG, 67-68 PAT, 44 long.

Tackles: Jermaine Berry, 82 tot., 38 solo, 10 TFL

Sacks: Jermaine Berry, 7 sacks

Interceptions: Cedrick Williams, 5 for -2 yds.

Kickoff Returns: Darren Sproles, 10 ret., 27.2 avg.

Punt Returns: Darren Sproles, 19 ret., 10.0 avg., 1 TD


OT Jon Doty

OFFENSE: James Terry-WR, Ryan Lilja-OG, Nick Leckey-C, Ell Roberson-QB, Travis Wilson-FB, Jeff Schwinn-QB
DEFENSE: Andrew Shull-DE, Justin Montgomery-DT, Thomas Houchin-DE, Bryan Hickman-LB, Josh Buhl-LB, Randy Jordan-CB, James McGill-FS, Rashad Washington-SS, Jared Brite-P

To some Kansas State football fans, the clouds of doom are lingering just over the horizon. Memories of the quarterback controversy of the 2001-2002 campaign are still fresh in the mind. Dylan Meier will be slated into the starting spot, ahead of Indiana-transfer Allen Webb. Surprisingly quick, the junior quarterback has Ell Roberson-like moves but hasn't proved he has the arm strength and accuracy. Playing mostly mop-up duty, Meier led the Wildcats with an average of 9.3 yards per carry and had a high of fifty-one yards passing against Iowa State. His awareness needs work, as he's susceptible of throwing interceptions in high-pressure situations. Allen Webb has yet to be seen on the field, but many fans suspect he will eventually inherit Roberson's throne. If Meier stumbles early, Webb will surely see action against Kansas State's early 1-AA opponents.

Running Back
Darren Sproles stepped out of the shadows left by Josh Scobey. He led the nation in rushing with 1986 total yards and will prove his running ability again in 2004. Don't expect him to tear through the two thousand yard barrier, though. The inexperienced offensive line will not hold like years past. Coach Bill Snyder will rely more of the shifty 5'7" back this year to take pressure off QB Dylan Meier. The Wildcats have two very capable fullbacks. Victor Mann will take over the blocking duties as the Cats march down the field. The beefy Ayo Saba will be a huge threat around the goal line.

Wide Receiver
In 2003, the Wildcats marginally broke out of their option-running habits to throw for over 2600 yards. Dylan Meier won't be able to rely on standout WR James Terry. Instead he'll have to aim for less proven targets in Davin Dennis and Antione Polite. Jermaine Moreira showed flashes of brilliance as a slot receiver. He is very shifty and has sure hands. Although a sophomore, he will be regarded as one of the Wildcats' best receivers by his junior year and will be the playmaker of the receiving unit. Dennis can stretch the field when needed, but he and Polite will need to step up and play more responsible roles for this unit to achieve its potential.

Tight End
Kansas State will continue to rely heavily on their tight end position for blocking and the occasional pass. Senior Brian Casey saw action in all thirteen games and led the team with 19.6 yards per catch. He is definitely a step up in the TE position and should be the best in the Big 12 North.

Offensive Line
The O-Line is the mystery of the Wildcat offense. The loss of C Nick Leckey will keep coach Bill Snyder looking for leadership, but he always finds a way to keep the line sturdy. Senior tackle Jon Doty and junior tackle Jeromey Clary will be the strong points in the line. The biggest question is the center position. So far, nobody is has been penciled in, but as we've seen, Snyder isn't scared to move over one of his guards.

Unless Meier makes a major breakthrough, the offense will slump against Big 12 opponents. Darren Sproles will be pressured to create the bulk of the Wildcat scoring opportunities and should still be able to pull off another 1500+ yard season… if the O-Line holds. Building trust between the offensive units, specifically faith in their new QB, will be the Wildcats' biggest struggle.


RB Darren Sproles


Returning Starters/
Key Players
QB Dylan Meier-So (6-4, 205) Allen Webb-So (6-3, 205)
FB Victor Mann-Jr (6-2, 255) Ayo Saba-Jr (6-0, 275)
RB Darren Sproles-Sr (5-7, 180) Carlos Alsup-Jr (6-1, 210)
WR Davin Dennis-Jr (6-1, 180) Tony Madison-Sr (6-3, 205)
Joe Lawson-Sr (6-0, 190)
WR Antoine Polite-Sr (6-2, 195) Jermaine Moreira-So (5-11, 190)
TE Brian Casey-Sr (6-7, 270) Rashaad Norwood-Fr (6-5, 230)
OT Jon Doty-Sr (6-8, 300) Michael Weiner-Jr (6-5, 275)
OG Travis Triplett-Sr (6-6, 315) Justin D'Arcy-Jr (6-5, 290)
C Mike Johnson-Sr (6-4, 290) Jacob Voegeli-Fr (6-2, 276)
OG Chris Boggas-Sr (6-5, 315) Malcolm Wooldridge-Sr (6-2, 330)
OT Jeromey Clary-Jr (6-7, 300) Logan Robinson-Fr (6-9, 320)
K Joe Rheem-Sr (6-2, 195) Jeff Snodgrass-So (6-2, 200)
Antoine Polite....po-LITE
Jon Doty....DOE-tee
Chris Boggas....BOE-gus
Joe Rheem....REEM
Ayo Saba....EYE-oh SAH-bah
Carlos Alsup....ALL-sup
Jermaine Moreira....mor-RARE-uh
Michael Weiner....WINE-er
Jacob Voegeli....voe-ge-EL-ee



Defensive Line
The defensive front-men should remain strong. Returning starter Jermaine Berry will lead the young squad to another top ten run-stopping defense. Defensive end Kevin Huntley is a forced to be reckoned with as he established himself early with two fumble recoveries and six sacks as a backup. Tough and physical linemen are the type of players Coach Snyder breeds. This squad is no exception. Likely, DE Scott Edmonds will line up next to DT Derek Marso on the other side. If there's a hole to be found in the defensive line, this is the place.

With the loss of starters Buhl and Hickman, the Wildcats are taking a huge hit behind the line. Fortunately, the linebacker position has depth. California native Marvin Simmons has great size and athleticism and will help stuff the holes left by the defensive line. Ted Simms will play the middle and legacy Matt Butler (father Bill was KSU RB 1969-71) should anchor the other side. Both have seen action in ten or more games.

Defensive Back
Cornerback Cedric Williams showed the nation his ability as he seemingly covered the entire Oklahoma receiving squad during the Big 12 Championship game. Unfortunately, Williams alone will not be able to anchor the secondary. Huge questions still loom about ability, and a substitute for CB Randy Jordan will be hard to find. Lack of depth is a major problem and the Cats may have to rely on this year's recruiting class to help out. Jesse Tetuan should suffice at free safety, but this year there will be no Rashad Washington at strong safety. Pass heavy offenses such as Texas Tech will have their way with the Swiss-like K-State DBs.

The situation is similar to every other year in recent Wildcat history. Heavy losses will plague the defense, yet Bill Snyder will rally his troops and likely put together a top ten defense. Of course, the wimpy 1-AA schedule doesn't hurt this pursuit. All phases of the defense have concerns, most of which belong to the secondary. They know they'll be able to stop the run, but protecting against the pass is what will keep this team from becoming the elite of the Big 12 for the second consecutive year. With slower, smaller, yet powerful linebackers, the Wildcats may have problems containing shifty backs that run outside.


CB Cedrick Williams


Returning Starters/
Key Players
DE Scott Edmonds-Jr (6-4, 260) Blake Seiler-So (6-3, 240)
DT Jermaine Berry-Sr (6-0, 295) Quintin Echols-So (6-2, 305)
DT Andrew Bulman-Sr (6-3, 285) Derek Marso-Jr (6-3, 295)
DE Kevin Huntley-Sr (6-8, 265) Alax Carrier-Sr (6-4, 255)
SLB Matt Butler-Jr (6-2, 235) Sean Lowe-So (6-3, 225)
MLB Ted Sims-Jr (6-1, 235) Marvin Simmons-Jr (6-1, 240)
WLB Maurice Thurmond-Sr (6-2, 220) Brandon Archer-So (6-2, 225)
CB Louis Lavender-Sr (6-0, 190) David Rose-Sr (5-10, 180)
CB Cedrick Williams-Sr (5-10, 170) Bryan Baldwin-Fr (5-11, 185)
SS Marcus Patton-Sr (6-1, 205) Blane Clark-Sr (6-2, 190)
FS Jesse Tetuan-Jr (6-0, 190) Maurice Mack-So (6-0, 200)
P Jesse Martinez-Jr (6-4, 205) Terry Dillinger-Sr (6-0, 180)
Jesse Tetuan....TET-twan  




It looks like the kicking core has solved their problem of kicking the ball into the offensive line. Joe Rheem converted 70%, and was 7-of-10 from outside the 40.

The punting position is up for grabs as Jared Brite departs. Roster shows two possibilities in Terry Dillinger and Jeff Snodgrass, and we will let you know which gets the post-spring nod.

Return Game
Running back Darren Sproles and receiver Jermaine Moreira will handle the returns for a second year. Both Moreira and Sproles are very agile, leaving the opposing team's kicker no choices but to kick it to a real threat. Good field position will be a commonality.

KSU out positioned their opponents by six yards in net punting results. The defense's speed and depth will dictate the coverage averages, so expect much in this special team dimension.


The offensive units had a problem hanging onto the football this spring, fumbling five times in the final scrimmage. The QB race between Dylan Meier and Allen Webb just started heating up, but Webb may miss some time this fall if found guilty of battery charges. Running the ball will again be the absolute strength of the Wildcats. Behind Sproles are three extremely talented backs, Thomas Clayton (Florida State transfer), Donnie Anders and Carlos Alsup. As long as Sproles is healthy, none of those backs will see any valuable playing time, but the future is certainly loaded with options, and a few will necessitate the chance come fall. Backup WRs Hammond Thomas and Marcus Watts performed well in the absence of some of the others and will give the 'Cats added depth at that position. Kicking isn't exactly set yet, and four Wildcats are vying for the duty.

DT Jermaine Berry was the star of the defense this spring, culminating practice with eight tackles and a sack. He often drew double teams from offensive blockers and will continue to do so this fall. As a matter of fact, the entire defensive line starred and will be the ones setting the pace for the rest of the squad. Berry and Kevin Huntley will contend for all-conference honors. There's an on-going competition at LB that will continue to wage into the fall. Sims seems set in the middle, but Simmons, Butler, and Thurmond will battle for the two outside posts. RSF CB Byron Garvin emerged in the latter part of spring practices and could make a place for himself in the CB rotation. JUCO transfer Bret Andrew Jones will contend for a spot as a backup safety and should see time in nickel packages. Jesse Martinez was given ample opportunity to win the punting job, but a 31-yard average on seven punts in the spring game soured those chances. The job now belongs to senior Terry Dillinger (for now)…stay tuned on this one.

OG Justin D'Arcy (jr)
WR/KR Yamon Figurs (jr)
DE Tearrius George (jr)
WR Ro Grigsby (fr)