TE Andy Roland

2003 Statistics

Coach: Ted Roof
2-3, 1 year
2003 Record: 4-8
at Virginia LOST 0-27
RICE WON 27-24 (OT)
at Maryland LOST 20-33
at Tennessee LOST 6-23
at Clemson LOST 7-40
at North Carolina WON 30-22

2003 Final Rankings
AP-UR, Coaches-UR, BCS-UR

2004 Outlook

Head coach Ted Roof inserted life into Duke as a fiery interim coach following the dismissal of Carl Franks at the end of last season. Roof led the team to victories over bowl-participant Georgia Tech and rival North Carolina late in the year, and has sparked interest in a program that has been considered lifeless and irrelevant. His passion transcends onto the playing field, meaning Duke will play with great intensity and desire every time. He has the players believing in themselves, believing in the system and believing/proving they can win. That in itself is an accomplishment, but it won't (necessarily) be enough to increase the Blue Devils' 2003 win total of four.

While the defense should be marginally adequate, and the offense has talent, overall inexperience and a daunting schedule that features seven bowl teams will likely prevent improvement in the win-loss column. Early road games at Connecticut and Navy are crucial. This seemingly benign start could easily reflect losses, but they need to be full of confidence heading into their conference opener. Considering Duke's current position, ironically but predictably, Roof's job of molding this cellar-dweller into a credible contender will be a long and tedious process. He seems motivated and he seems dedicated; looking at recent history, that's probably a good thing. You can see good individual moments with the Blue Devils. Putting sixty minutes of total effort into each tilt will pay dividends by the time next off-season rolls around. That means little, though, to anyone with higher expectations. Basketball practice is coming…

Projected 2004 record: 2-9
QB - 2 DL - 2.5
RB - 2.5 LB - 3
WR - 2 DB - 3.5
OL - 2 ..

Passing: Mike Schneider, 208-97-6, 1220 yds., 4 TD

Rushing: Cedric Dargan, 69 att., 264 yds., 5 TD

Receiving: Ben Patrick, 17 rec., 218 yds., 1 TD

Scoring: Matt Brooks, 6-9 FG, 15-17 PAT, 33 pts.

Punting: Trey McDonald, 55 punts, 40.7 avg.

Kicking: Matt Brooks, 6-9 FG, 15-17 PAT, 33 pts.

Tackles: Brendan Dewan, 91 tot., 47 solo

Sacks: Phillip Alexander, 6.5 sacks

Interceptions: Alex Green, John Talley - 2 each

Kickoff returns: Senterrio Landrum, 25 ret., 28.4 avg. 0 TD

Punt returns: Jamin Pastore, 11 ret., 5.9 avg., 0 TD


DE Phillip Alexander
OFFENSE: Drew Strojny-OT, Daryl Lewis-OG, Luke Bayer-C, Rusty Wilson-OG, Reggie Love-WR, Chris Douglas-TB, Alex Wade-FB, Khary Sharpe-WR, Adam Smith-QB (transferred), Lance Johnson-WR (dismissed), Brent Garber-K
DEFENSE: Matt Zielinski-DT, Ryan Fowler-LB, Terrell Smith-S

Returning starter Mike Schneider brings grit and determination to the position, but also brings inconsistency. He struggled as a freshman, but is a good athlete, and is a threat to scramble if flustered outside the pocket. Given proper tutelage and progression, the sophomore could be a solid player. If he falters, the Blue Devils have other options. Senior Chris Dapolito has the best pass efficiency rating of the returning QBs. Appropriately named Nebraska-transfer Curt Dukes is the x-factor. His passing skills aren't polished, but Dukes is a fine athlete with playmaking ability. Though an option-style quarterback, Dukes could find his way onto the field on athleticism and playmaking ability alone. A strong unit individually, but the real test will be to see how and when each is utilized, for that will define the offense and Duke's amount of success.

Running Back
With the departures, the backfield stands as a major concern. Senior Cedric Dargan earns the starting position by default, if anything. The 200-lb in-state product did manage 268 yards and five scores last season, but his skills are somewhat limited. In goaline situations, he is effective, but Dargan fits the mold of a sound reserve back, rather than a starter. Prep standout Aaron Fryer is the most talented runner on the roster, and is poised for a breakout sophomore season. Depth exists, but this is another study in utilization, not talent.

Lance Johnson is a possession receiver, but lacks breakaway speed and gamebreaking skills. He and returning starter Senterrio Landrum, who has good quickness, simply don't make many big plays. Landrum showcases his talents in the return game rather prominently, but has yet to find his niche at wideout. Seldom-used Ronnie Elliot should have an increased slot role. Physically speaking, incoming freshman Chancellor Young is the most talented Blue Devil option. The highly regarded recruit chose Duke over UCLA, Notre Dame, Oregon and others, and has pristine size and speed for the position. While the returning receivers are somewhat restricted as far as production goes, the tight ends are anything but. Senior Andy Roland is one of the ACC's most dynamic at his position. He caught at least one pass in every game and has reliable hands. That said, he may not be the Blue Devils' most talented tight end. Junior Ben Patrick is the best athlete on the team, and, at 260lbs, he is a force to be reckon with in both the passing and rushing game. He has NFL talent and should have a banner year. In Duke's two-tight end offensive set, both players will get a proper amount of touches.

Offensive Line
Without question, the offensive line was the most pressing issue facing the team this off-season. Right tackle Christian Mitchell is the only returning starter, meaning the majority of the front line is significantly raw. Fortunately, left tackle Jim Moravchik does have some starting experience to his credit and should team with Mitchell to create a formidable bookend tandem, but the interior of the line is untested. The guards are much worse, with little promise for an inside running.

On paper, things look rough. An unproven quarterback and a questionable backfield playing behind an offensive line with four new starters don't prompt much optimism. First-year offensive coordinator Marty Galbraith comes with a solid resume, and will likely take advantage of the Blue Devils' strength at tight end and use plenty of two- and often three-tight end sets to present favorable matchups in the passing game and promote and efficient rushing attack. Duke looks to again be methodical and steady (33+-minutes per game time of possession), and they have proven that "slow and steady [often] wins the race."


OT Christian Mitchell


Returning Starters in bold
QB Mike Schneider-So (6-3, 215) Chris Dapolito-Sr (6-3, 215)
RB Cedric Dargan-Jr (6-0, 200) Aaron Fryer-So (5-11, 215)
WR Deon Adams-So (6-2, 190) ..
WR Ronnie Elliott-Jr (5-9, 185) Mark Wigal-Jr (5-10, 185)
WR Senterrio Landrum-Sr (5-9, 185) Deonto McCormick-So (5-10, 180)
TE Andy Roland-Jr (6-4, 235) Ben Patrick-So (6-4, 260)
OT Jim Moravchik-Jr (6-6, 300) Chris Best-Jr (6-5, 305)
OG Chris Best-Jr (6-5, 305) Paul Campbell-So (6-3, 265)
C Tyler Kreig-So (6-5, 300) Dan Mooney-Sr (6-5, 300)
OG Lavdrim Bauta-So (6-5, 290) Joel East-So (6-4, 260)
OT Christian Mitchell-Sr (6-7, 325) Dan Bowling-So (6-7, 230)
K Matt Brooks-Sr (6-1, 190) Alex Feinberg-Fr (6-1, 200)



Defensive Line
The Blue Devils will field a physical, active front line that will be well respected league-wide. The unit is led by senior end Phillip Alexander, who totaled 18.5 tackles for loss from his defensive end position in 2003. He is a true threat who must be accounted for on every play. Inside, sophomore Orrin Thompson is a force, but has to finish more often. He often demands double teams, though, and can be disruptive in the ground game. He is a prototypical interior anchor when playing at his highest levels. Following a tragic car accident that killed senior end Micah Harris, Duke is now looking for a replacement opposite Alexander. Undersized, but quick, sophomore Derek Bryant fits that bill. This squad is likely to take a step back, but another one going forward will come by campaign's end as a unit is found.

Junior Brendan Dewan is one of the better linebackers for Duke, which tells you much about this crew. He is a fine athlete who can defend sideline to sideline, but hasn't shown any superior abilities his mates can count on regularly. He joints middle linebacker Giuseppe Aguanno as a returning starter. Aguanno is a capable run stopper who has the size and strength to take on fullbacks and linebackers. As a whole, Duke's linebackers are a sound bunch. They won't garner national attention, but could quietly be one of the most proficient unit's in the south.

Defensive Back
A trio of returning upperclassmen starters should help to hinder their slipping trend. Corner Kenneth Stanford will be the leader. His 12 pass breakups show his ability to turn and see the play as it comes at him, a special skill. The senior has improved drastically and will team with John Talley, who tied for the team lead in interceptions last year as a freshman. The safety spots look to be works in progress, though experience is there. Green & Greene have not filled expectations or their potentials, so watch them to see how the rest of this defense fares.

The front seven is the strength here. While the secondary has improved, it will remain vulnerable. Look for Blue Devils to take full advantage of their athleticism at linebacker, by blitzing often, dropping the outside linebackers into coverage and offering up varied looks for opposing offenses. With Alexander and Thompson making plays up front, opposing linemen will not be able to get runners into those back echelons. But when they do, the safeties will be strained to contain.


CB Kenneth Stanford


Returning Starters in bold
DE Phillip Alexander-Sr (6-4, 255) Justin Kitchen-Jr (6-4, 235)
DT Casey Camero-So (6-5, 265) Demetrius Warrick-Jr (6-7, 305)
DT Orrin Thompson-Sr (6-7, 320) Kevin Wilson-So (6-2, 265)
DE Eli Nichols-So (6-5, 250) David Martin-Jr (6-4, 240)
OLB Malcolm Ruff-Jr (6-1, 250) Alex Williams-So (6-0, 210)
MLB Giuseppe Aguanno-Sr (6-1, 240) Codey Lowe-So (6-2, 230)
OLB Brendan Dewan-Jr (6-2, 210) DeAndre White-Jr (6-0, 210)
CB Kenneth Stanford-Sr (5-9, 180) Evalio Harrell-Fr (5-9, 165)
CB John Talley-So (5-11, 175) Cedric Mason-Fr (6-0, 185)
S Brian Greene-Jr (6-1, 190) C.J. Woodard-Jr (6-0, 185)
S Alex Green-Sr (6-2, 195) Jeramy Edwards-So (6-0, 205)
P Trey McDonald-Sr (6-2, 210) Matt Brooks-Sr (6-1, 190)




Landrum is all-Conference as a return man. He was among the nation's best in kickoff returns and is a threat via that venue. Trey McDonald is an adequate punter, but the Duke coverage and net results were much worse, an area that is sure to cost them with such little depth on defense. Kicker is a bit of a question, but senior Matt Brooks has proved to be accurate from inside 40 yards.